I am not a fan of Kid Cudi. I don’t dislike him, and, honestly, I have never been exposed to his music much before so it is difficult to state anything about him. However, Kid Cudi is the driving force behind the animated special on Netflix called Entergalactic, which was released as a companion to Cudi’s new record and the animated movie is very impressive.

According to IMDB, “Jabari, a charming, streetwear-clad artist on the cusp of real success. After a chance run-in with his cool new photographer neighbor, Meadow, Jabari has to figure out whether he can make space for love in his life.

Jabari is voiced by Scott Mescudi, aka Kid Cudi and the neighbor Meadow was voiced by Jessica Williams. The story introduced us to these two artistic and creative characters who find love with one and other and then try to make their relationship work in New York City.

An adult rom com is not the usual fare for animation, but the style of the movie worked very well with the romantic tale that engulfed the two characters.

The animation was beautiful. I read a review somewhere that compared Entergalactic’s story to a combination of When Harry Met sally and Into the Spider-verse, which felt 100% accurate to me. The colors, the changing of styles, the visual excitement exploded from the screen throughout the movie. Director Fletcher Moules did a great job of creating shots that added to the romance as well as showed a creative visual energy.

The Kid Cudi music, which was not in my repertoire typically, did work very well for the story being told and helped create the movie’s tone and feel.

There were a great voice cast included in Entergalactic including Timothée Chalamet, Ty Dolla Sign, Vanessa Hudgens, Keith David, Jaden Smith, Macaulay Culkin, Laura Harrier, 070 Shake, Christopher Abbott and Arturo Castro.

Everything blended together into a solid animated film that looked amazing and sounded cool. It does feature adult situations so it is not for kids, but it is a stylish rom com that takes that genre to new levels.

3.7 stars

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