Pennywise: The Story of It

I’ve had a bit of a feeling for some documentaries today, so I started off on Prime with a doc about one of my favorite Stephen King stories, It.

This was a documentary about the making of the original mini series on ABC back in the early 1980s, not the most recent pair of films from the last few years.

The doc featured interviews with most everyone from the cast, with the exception of Harry Anderson, who played the adult Richie in the two night mini series and passed away in 2018.

The highlight of any cast interview with the It cast was Tim Curry. The EYG Hall of Famer Tim Curry is always a bristly, curmudgeon who is straight forward and honest. His opinions on Twitter are never lacking and this is very much the same. He was talking about how he would scare the kid actors because he did not spend much time with them outside of filming. He told the story about how he hated the makeup and the prosthetics that went with Pennywise and how he got most of them removed because his face was expressive enough. He said, take this off and I’ll handle the scary part. Curry is a hoot.

It was also fascinating to hear from the adult versions of the child actors involved in the project. I did not know that Seth Green was a member of this cast, as the young Richie. Emily Perkins, who played the child version of Beverly, talked about how all of the other boys in the cast knew of the controversial scene from King’s novel where the boys in the Losers Club had sex with Beverly to lose their innocence. The boys apparently were all making cracks about it on set and she did not know until she finally read the book.

It was intriguing to also hear about how they brought the novel to the television screen. The process of initially starting with 8 hours and having it trimmed down to 4 and how that cost them their first director, George Romero.

There were a lot of cool stories about the mini series which became an iconic watch.

3.5 stars

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