2022 EYG Year in Review

We are coming to the last few weeks of 2022 and it is almost that time once again for EYG to look at our annual Year in Review, this time for the year of 2022. This is our twelfth year of doing the Year In Review

We have a bunch of categories in the world of pop culture where EYG will give our opinions. These choices and opinions are those of Embrace Your Geekness and we do not intend on pushing those opinions on anyone. Feel free to agree or disagree with anything that I put on these lists because that is your right. However, these are my opinions and I have the right to mine. Always remember that you can disagree respectfully because cinema is always subjective.

We will be looking at the best and the worst of TV, Movies, YouTube, WWE wrestling, among other things. We have a record of past winners for our awards such as the John Carter Memorial Award for flop of the year as well as several others. We usually add categories every year and this year we will be including a separate TV category for “Super Hero” shows.

These lists and awards will continue until the end of the month of December when the Top 30 best Films of the Year and the Worst Films of the Year lists come out. I am still watching films that could go onto these lists so this is a very active and potentially fluid list. I can say that, although I have an idea of what films will be at the top of each list, I do not have a runaway #1 for either. I am fascinated to see when I sit down and start compiling the list where these films will end up.

As with any year end list, star ratings I give during the year will not be placed in any sort of order. They are, at best, used to generalize the films. A 4.5 star movie may end up higher than a 4.75 star movie on the list. Movies are always adjusting upon reflection.

So as we move forward, we keep an eye to the past.

2022 year in review.

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