Best & Worst Movies of 2021 in 2022

Every year, I see movies in a year that had been released in the year before. Most of the time this is because a film is trying to become eligible for an Academy Award so it releases in like four theaters in New York or Los Angeles and then releases wide in January or February.

A few years ago, I decided to not take those films into consideration for the Best and Worst lists of the current year even though that was the year in which I saw them. Henceforth, this list of Best and Worst Movies of 2021 in 2022 came into being.

However, this year was different. As a follow up to the DailyView that I completed in April, I did what I called The June Swoon. In the June Swoon, I watched a movie that I did not see from 2021 every day in the month of June. It turned out to be 31 movies as I watched two in one day once that month.

That opened this list up dramatically as, instead of having five or six to choose from, I now had almost forty. This led to a top 10 Best Movie of 2021 in 2022 and a top five Worst Movie of 2021 in 2022 list.

Starting with the worst:

Worst Movies of 2021 in 2022

#5. Censor. I don’t remember anything about this one, but I had rated it a “MEH”.

#4. The Protégé. Predictable and a waste of Samuel L. Jackson.

#3. Red Rocket. I found this to be way overrated and boring.

#2. House of Gucci. another film that I just did not like. I could not get into it even though it was considered an Oscar worthy film. Not for me.

#1. Home Sweet Home Alone. I had been warned that this movie was God awful. Both Jeremy Jahns and Dan Murrell reviewed the movie and hated on it. Jeremy gave it his “dogshit” rating and Dan, if I remember correctly, put it at number one on his worst movies list. I still wanted to check it out for myself on Disney +. They were absolutely right. It was terrible and would have contended for the Worst Movie of 2021 Year End list had I watched it during 2021. Having the Home Alone name in the title is an insult to Home Alone 3. Yeah, that one.

Best Movies of 2021 in 2022

#10. The Tragedy of Macbeth. Denzel doing Shakespeare. Plus, the film had the best set and art design of any film last year.

#9. Flee. An animated documentary of an escape from Afghanistan as a child.

#8. Old Henry. A great Western with an exciting and dramatic twist at the end.

#7. Happily. A weird story about couples and someone punishing them for their bad behavior. I had a lot of funwith this one.

#6. Shiva Baby. An unexpectedly good film about a Jewish girl and her family sitting Shiva.

#5. Annette. Another bizarre film, this time with music. Adam Driver chewing up scenery all over the palce.

#4. Cyrano. A classic story also with music. Peter Dinklage as Cyrano is spot on casting.

#3. Summer of Soul. Documentary from The Roots’ Questlove. A look at some of the great music from the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival.

#2. Bo Burnham: Inside. A comedy film that I tried to watch once, but was having trouble getting into it. During the June Swoon though I loved it. Staying inside during the pandemic for the comedian Bo Burnham created so much amazing comedy.

#1. Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar. One of the funniest films of 2021. Another one that I did not find too interesting during 2021 and I was not a fan of the trailer. However, when I watched it for the June Swoon, I loved it.

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