The Kurt Russell EGO De-Aging Award

I did not have a ton of nominees for this award this year. Next year it sure looks like Harrison Ford’s young Indiana Jones has to be considered a leading candidate, but this year was slight.

In fact, I only have two nominees.

Runner-up: Luke Skywalker (The Book of Boba Fett)

The Kurt Russell EGO De-Aging Award

Previous Winners:  Robert DeNiro (The Irishman), Mark Hamill (The Mandalorian), Alfred Molina (Spider-Man: No Way Home)

2022 Kurt Russell EGO De-Aging Award goes to…

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven (Stranger Things Season 4)

The flashbacks of Eleven that helped tell the origin of Vecna included many scenes with a young Millie Bobby Brown. At times they used Millie and other times they had a young actress Martie Blair (from Young & the Restless) do the scenes with a de-aged Millie Bobby Brown head CGIed on her body. Amazing what they can do with technology these days.

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