The Volcano: Rescue for Whakaari

Netflix debuted a new documentary this weekend called The Volcano: Rescue for Whakaari, which illustrated the 2019 tragic events when there was a volcanic explosion on the island of Whakaari, which led to the deaths of 22 people.

In 2019, a group of tourist went to Whakaari, off the coast of New Zealand, to go on an adventure to see the magma of the volcano. Several of the survivors were interviewed throughout the documentary, talking about their reasons for going to the island in the first in the first place, dealing with the horrors of the eruption and their
struggles to survive their injuries and after effects of the ash.

While there may not have been as much in depth evaluation of the topic, the documentary had no lack of emotions and feels for these people who went through such a terrible even over the two hours of eruption time.

Then, the after effects, seeing the scars and the pain that the survivors suffered was something to behold. It is amazing what they had to do and seeing how they handled life after the eruption was emotional.

The film does a solid job of telling this story and setting up these people as survivors. The doc was a good watch.

3.85 stars

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