Spoiler Alert

I was surprised to see Spoiler Alert available on Vudu today. I had not been able to see it in the theaters, but I had wanted to see this. I have always enjoyed Jim Parsons and Sally Field and the trailers looked decent.

It was strange as I was watching the film because I thought the name of Jim Parson’s character sounded familiar. He played Michael Ausiello who was a journalist from TV Guide at the beginning of the film. As I was watching, I started thinking that maybe this was a true story.

Sure enough, Michael Ausiello was a name that I remembered back when I would read through TV Guide and that this film was based on a memoir by Ausiello called Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies.

The memoir is about Ausiello’s marriage to photographer Kit Cowan (Ben Aldridge) and Cowan’s eventual death from cancer.

The story was sweet and well told. It focused on the relationship between Michael and Kit earlier, before the cancer reared its evil head. Though much of the relationship, which lasted 13 years, is skimmed over with photos of Christmas trees, but they do spend time at the beginning few months as well as the final few months.

Jim Parsons does a great job as Michael. The fact that I watched this movie and I did not look at him as Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory showed how effective he had done in Spoiler Alert. Parsons and Ben Aldridge had good chemistry and worked very well together. Earlier this year, there was a film called Bros that had some scenes that made me uncomfortable. I never felt anything uncomfortable here. I just enjoyed the pairing.

Sally Field was exceptional here too. She played Kit’s mother, with a ton of perspective and a strength that was put to the challenge. I really liked how she and Bill Irwin, who played Bob, Kit’s father, interacted and fit together as a pair of parents that felt familiar. I also loved how they did not make a big issue over their son’s homosexuality and, instead, made the issue that he had not told them. This was a nice switch for this type of film.

The later part of the film where Kit begins dealing with the cancer was emotional and really tested the relationship between Kit and Michael, a relationship that had been failing prior to that. Of course, the film’s title tells you right away that the movie was going to be about the loss of this man.

There were some interesting parts of the film where Michael imagined himself as a child in a sitcom, dealing with the terrible losses of his life, including the death of his mother to cancer.

The film blends the drama and the comedy together nicely and feels like one of the best comedy/drama films about cancer since 50/50.

Michael Showalter directed this film. He was coming off the excellent comedy/drama The Big Sick.

Spoiler Alert tells an interesting story of a gay couple and their thirteen years together, through trials and tribulations, until death did they part. Solid performances helped the film, which did feel a touch long.

3.75 stars

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