A Vicious Circle Book 1

A Vicious Circle Book 1

Boom! Studios

Written by Mattson Tomlin

Illustrated by Lee Bermejo

The first issue of the three issue series from BOOM! Studios was released this week and it was a sensational comic.

We are introduced to Shawn Thacker, who appeared to be a happy, family man, happily married with a son who wanted nothing more than to go fishing with his father. However, we see almost immediately that there was so much more to Shawn Thacker than we ever would have expected.

We find out that there is a monster in the cellar that was ready to shake Shawn’s life to the foundation. What is the relationship between Shawn and this monster and how does it connect to the future?

A Vicious Circle Book 1 is very compelling and a fascinating read. The story grabs you immediately and it does not shy away from a shocking circumstance.

The words provided by Mattson Tomlin are brutal and quick to engage. However, the artwork of this issue is, perhaps, the finest art that I have ever seen within a comic book. Lee Bermejo begins in beautiful black and white with some of the most detailed and realistic art imaginable. When the color comes, the story takers another turn and elevates the illustration to yet another level.

The last panel of the book introduces us to yet another amazing image that promises that this story is taking yet another turn. So much happened in this first issue and yet we really do not know that much. It provided some outstanding storytelling and I am excited to see where this continues moving forward.

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