The Final Schmoedown Match of the Year

2022 brought a major change for one of my favorite shows.

The Movie Trivia Schmoedown entered its ninth season seemingly strong. It started its own Friday night program called Friday Night Titans. It continued to have exciting and competitive matches every week in singles, teams and InnerGeekdom (Star wars too, but I rarely saw any of those).

After several years of debate, I opened the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Wing of the EYG Hall of fame and inducted the first class of inductees, with the plan of inducting three or so every year.

It was not too long after the Hall of Fame announcement that the announcement from Chairman Kristian Harloff shook the MTS to its core. The Schmoedown would be ending with season 9. There would be no more Movie Trivia Schmoedown moving forward.

It was quite the blow. It had been a major aspect of my life for many years and it felt like I had lost something. I added a few more members to the Hall of Fame, those that would have been the second year inductees and those that I almost added to the first class originally.

The show ended with the 7th Schmoedown Spectacular in October, which featured some fun matches with all of the favorites, but lacked that intensity because they all knew this was the end of the line. It was a greta opportunity to say goodbye to this show that had meant a lot to me over the years.

That brought me to the Year in Review. I normally do up a whole list of award winners for the Schmoedown, but I am not going to do that this year. Clearly, Samm Levine, who ended the Schmoedown as Champion is the Player of the Year.

However, I wanted to give out the final Match of the Year Award because the matches in season 9 were every bit as important as the previous ones.

Movie Trivia Schmoedown Match of the Year

Previous WinnersJTE defeats Drew McWeeny in Sudden Death(2017), Mara Knopic defeated Rachel Cushing in Innergeekdom Tournament (2018), Rachel Cushing defeated Mike Kalinowski in Sudden Death to win the Innergeekdom championship (2019), Dan Murrell defeated Ben Bateman in Sudden Death to win the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship (2020)Andrew Dimalanta defeated Alex Damon in Sudden Death to win Star Wars Championship, 51-50 (2021)

2022 Movie Trivia Match of the Year… the final winner is…

Samm Levine defeated Marisol McKee for the Singles Championship, 38-35

This is a final goodbye to the MTS. I have been watching some early matches on YouTube and I do miss it.

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