Top 25 Worst Movies of 2022

It is time for the Worst Movies of 2022 list. This year the list is at 25, though there are also a few dishonorable mentions. Every year there are people who refute the writing of Worst lists because they claim that it is too negative. While I agree that it is difficult to make movies, in my opinion, criticizing the work does not disrespect the people involved. At lest, I do not mean to. With the Batman and Robin Awards, I talked about “celebrating” the bad movies. That is what I want to do.

And as always, the individual star ranking for each movie does not necessarily mean that they are in that order. A movie could have 1 star and be ranked blow a film that had 2 stars because it depends on how I feel about the film, the reflection of it, and compared with others. I say that because the one film that I gave zero stars to this year did not end up at number one.

Dishonorable mentions: Four films did not reach the top 25. They were Bones and All, which a lot of people loved and I did not, Crimes of the Future, a sci-fi film that just did not do anything for me, She Will, another film that failed to grab my attention, and The Independent, which I saw on Peacock and had John Cena but I had never heard of it before.

Here we go…

#25. Don’t Worry Darling. A film that people thought would be a huge Oscar contender, but flopped in poor storytelling and chaos behind the scenes.

#24. Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank. Just a dumb, childish animated film filled with fart and poop jokes. Brings the level down to the kids instead of the other way around.

#23. Halloween Ends. Not what the trailers promoted. I was excited for this after seeing the trailers, but the “final battle” with Michael and Laurie felt tacked on to the end of a film that was not about Michael.

#22. Ambulance. Michael Bay’s new film about two thieves pulling a bank heist and ending up inside an ambulance. Dumb.

#21. Hotel Transylvania: Transformations. Hopefully the last of this franchise. This is a franchise truly losing steam as it moves along.

#20. The Lost Patient. This is one of the films that I do not remember much about. Looking back on it, there is some really dumb twists that was so obvious that it ruins the film.

#19. Memory. One of Liam Neeson’s films. You see some and you’ve seen them all. Liam is forgetting things and looking to retire. Yawn.

#18. My Best Friend’s Exorcism. I had hoped this would be cheesy, campy fun. It was everything…except the fun part.

#17. Falling for Christmas. I don’t usually watch these cheesy Christmas films, but with Lindsey Lohan, I gave it a chance. Bad choice.

#16. The Invitation. Just watched this recently after avoiding it for so long. It was free on Netflix and that was the only way I could justify it. Terrible vampire movie.

#15. Disney’s Pinocchio. Who would have guessed that you have Disney, Pinocchio and Tom Hanks and this would be one of the worst films of the year? It just had no reason to exist and lacked any real purpose.

#14. The School of Good & Evil. I had hoped that this could be the next big Harry Potter-like franchise. No thnak you.

#13. R.I.P.D 2: The Rise of the Damned. Who wanted this? A prequel with no stars from the original and just a terrible story and CGI. It felt like an early 90s action film, but not as good.

#12. Firestarter. Another failed attempt to adapt this Stephen King book. Almost made her a super hero.

#11. Choose or Die. Asa Butterfield could have bene Spider-Man. Boy we dodged a bullet there.

#10. The Requin. A killer shark movie. Or at least, that is what I thought. Shark wasn’t here for much. Silly and not fun.

#9. Moonfall. If only the moon would have crashed into the earth sooner.

#8. Morbius. It’s Morbin’ Time! A film so bad it flopped twice. This could have been so great. I love the character of Morbius, but this was such a poor rendition that it became a joke meme instead of a hit movie. Plus, one of the worst post credit scenes ever.

#7. Senior Year. Oh, my goodness. Rebel Wilson as a girl who wound up in a coma as a high school student and awoke years later, still with her same mindset. It was painful to watch this seriously unfunny comedy.

#6. The Man from Toronto. Speaking of unfunny, I was shocked this film was as bad as it was with Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson.

#5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022). The remake of a horror classic was anything but a classic. What a horrendous waste of a IP.

#4. Studio 666. The Foo Fighters fighting foo. That would have been more interesting, I think. Horrible Satanic, demonic tale of a rock band. They did not die quickly enough.

#3. Babylon. This could be one of the firsts Worst Film List films to receive a Best Picture Oscar nomination. I hope the voters come to their senses. It has been a long time since I came out of a theater angry at what I watched. This was the latest time. I hated this movie.

#2. Jackass Forever. I gave this movie 0 stars because I did not find anything funny. It felt cruel and mean-spirited and featured way too many penises.

#1. The Munsters. Rob Zombie was apparently a huge fan of the TV show, but you would be hard pressed to find any evidence of that. You knew when you saw that trailer that many people thought was a joke or a misdirect, that this movie was going to be a stinker. There was potential here, but it was totally unreached. The Munsters became the worst movie of 2022.

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