2022 In Memoriam Part 5

I thought I was done.

Then, Pele, the great soccer legend died. I wasn’t sure what to do about that and I was thinking about how to honor him when Barbara Walters died.

I knew that meant we needed a fifth In Memoriam for 2022.

I combed through the year looking for others that had not made the previous In Memoriam pics. There are actually a ton of people who could have been included. There were a couple I included on this one that I intentionally left off the others.

Here they are…

My friend Todd suggested that I have names on these posts, and so I decided that as we move forward, I would honor these people not just in picture form, but also with their names. Rest in Peace.

Barbara Walters


Don West

Monica Vitt

Kenneth Starr

Sen. Orrin Hatch

Dame Vivienne Westwood

Mike Hagerty

Kailia Posey

Hilaree Nelson

Jean-Luc Godard

Shinzo Abe

Tony Siragusa

Bob Lanier

Michael Lang

C.W. McCall

Marsha Hunt

Big Scarr

David Birney

Lamont Dozier

Pharoah Sanders

Hilary Mantel

Pope Benedict XVI

Edit: I can’t believe this. Literally minutes after I finished the In Memoriam Part 5, I found out that Pope Benedict XVI had died as well. So I went back and fixed the picture to add Pope Benedict XVI. I hope that this is done now for 2022.

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