Nine Days (2021)

As I was compiling my list for the Genre-ary DailyView, I came across a film called Nine Days. However, as I read the synopsis, I did not think it fit in with the Sci-Fi genre. It was more of a fantasy film so, instead of using it as a Genre-ary film, I decided to watch it today.

Will (Winston Duke) is someone who judges souls and decides which one deserves to have a chance to be born. He goes through a series of interviews with the individual souls about what they would do in certain situations. Will is able to view the lives of the people who he sends to the world.

When a new opening on earth comes available, a new group of souls come for the interviews that take place over the stretch of nine days. Will was caught off guard by one of the unconventional souls, Emma (Zazie Beetz) and she shook his personage to the core.

This was one of the most creative and original films I have seen in a while. The story, which could have been corny, really worked well and was tightly organized. The premise was solid and something I have never seen before.

Then, Winston Duke gave us a performance for the ages. Duke was exceptional in the film and he had amazing chemistry with Zazie Beetz. He was also great with co-star Benedict Wong, who played Will’s assistant who was there to make sure Will did everything right. Benedict Wong and Zazie Beetz were outstanding

There were other excellent actors involved in the film too such as Tony Hale, Bill Skarsgård, David Rysdahl, Arianna Ortiz and Lisa Starrett. The ensemble of the film brought their best work and they were very emotional as they faced possible oblivion.

Great performances and an original premise make an enjoyable film to watch.

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