Attack the Block (2011)

Day: January 4, Movie: 4

The fourth film in the Genre-ary Sci-Fi DailyView is the 2011 British film, Attack the Block.

I started off this movie disliking what the film was giving me. We met the street gang led by Moses (John Boyega) as they were mugging an innocent woman, Sam (Jodie Whittaker). The five kids seemed to be nothing more than a group of punks and I found myself wondering if these characters are meant to the protagonists. Moses seemed to be a horrendously cruel punk who was not easy to like.

Then Moses killed an alien and things went off the charts. The death of the alien drew an invading force of larger, meaner creatures that appeared to be on a path of vengeance.

Suddenly, the character of Moses took a turn and started to realize how much of what is happening was his fault and, when he had to come into connection with Sam once again after mugging her, Moses is taken on a definite journey as a character. By the end, I had a much better mindset about Moses, even liking the character.

I especially enjoyed the gang member Pest (Alex Esmail), who felt like the audience’s voice as the film moved along. He was funny and quite witty. I also enjoyed the dialogue from Pest and the other kids because half of the British slang that was used was nearly undeterminable. I did not know what he was saying a lot of the time. It was funny.

I was surprised that this sci-fi/comedy/horror film’s biggest draw for me was how well the characters developed and interacted with one another. The action was good and the creature design was solid, using what was clearly mostly practical effects. In a film that I initially thought that I was going to dislike because I did not like the characters, I ended up liking this a lot.

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