Comic Catch-Up

January 19, 2023

This morning was a two-hour delay at my school, so it gave me an opportunity to read a couple of my comics. I have been negligent about my reading over the last six months to a year. I have piles of books all over the room that I swear I am going to get to, but just never seem to.

I enjoyed the time I read today, so I have decided to do something to attack the problem. Starting in February, I will be carving out an hour, every day, to read comics that I am behind on and then I will be writing a Comic Catch-Up post for EYG.

I will be doing some entries in the Comic Catch-Up, including today, in January, but with the Genre-ary Sci-Fi DailyView still underway, I cannot guarantee that I have an extra hour to give to the Comic Catch-Up until the DailyView ends. However, because I enjoyed reading this morning so much, I am picking out a few dates in January where I can do a Catch-Up.

The books I read this morning:

Fantastic Four #2: “The Night of Doom” I had read FF #1, with the solo story of The Thing, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. So issue two was featuring Reed and Sue with a creative story about Doombots. This new version of the FF is written by Ryan North and the art, which I really like, is Iban Coello. Reed and Sue are great here and it is a very creative idea that I do not think I have ever seen before. Next issue is Human Torch, which I am excited to read.

Joe Fixit #1. This was the highlight of the morning for me. Joe Fixit #1 was a pleasant surprise and it has helped mitigate the feelings I have about the current run on the Hulk, which I have really not enjoyed. Of course, who is this character? I get a feeling that it is not Bruce Banner. So there is a cool mystery to it as well. Plus, Spider-Man guest starred. This one was great. Written by the EYG Hall of Famer Peter David and drawn by Yildiray Çınar.

Photon #2. Another book that caught me off guard with how much I enjoyed the story that it was telling. It is also a book that has a central mystery of what was going on and we got what seemed to be a new version of the Beyonder, with an old version of the Avengers. Written by Eve L. Ewing and art from the team of Ivan Fiorelli & Luca Maresca. I am excited to see where Monica’s story takes her.

The Amazing Spider-Man #17. I love the Amazing Spider-Man, but I have got to say that I have not been much of a fan of the Dark Web stuff that they have been running over the last month and a half. I do like the use of Ben Reilly as a villain (because I have always hated him for replacing Peter way back in the Clone Saga), but these demons in Limbo are ridiculous and I am just unhappy with the storytelling so far. I will, of course, keep reading it, but I definitely would like to see this story improve. Written by Zeb Wells and art by Ed McGuinness.

The Unwanted #1 & 2. This is the book that my friend Todd at Comic World made me buy. He claimed that I would enjoy this so he got me these issues. Written by James Mascia and art by Miguel Angel Hernandez, The Unwanted was an intriguing book. I did like the story that was being told. It gave me LOST vibes. I will say that I had trouble getting into the characters. There were too many of them and they all just seemed basic. I hope some of the characterization will improve, but none of them stood out as people I would love to follow. The mysteries of what was going on was engaging enough to keep buying it though.

Strange #10. “Attack on Emerald City, Finale“: I read this one despite being behind on this series quite a bit because I saw that Stephen Strange was back and I was curious to see what was going to happen. I was fairly confused about the story, which was not surprising considering I had read Strange since issue 2 or 3. I did like it and I was happy with the resolution of the story so all’s good. It was written by Jed MacKay and drawn by Marcelo Ferreira.

Wasp #1. Written by Al Ewing and drawn by Kasia Nie, Wasp was another book that I enjoyed. It told a story tying into the origin of Janet Van Dyne and it included Nadia, who I have always enjoyed. There was an old school feel to this issue and I am looking forward to seeing it play out.

That was all I read this morning. I hope to schedule another January Comic Catch-Up for this Saturday and maybe Sunday and the full blown daily event starts in February.

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