The Hidden (1987)

Day: January 20th, Movie: 20

I’ve been scheduling the films that I will watch for Genre-ary Sci-Fi DailyView, and I had to delay watching this movie, The Hidden, a couple of times. There was no specific reason that sticks out in my memory outside of fitting in on the schedule. Tonight we the time to finally watch the film. I had it rented on Vudu to watch the film.

Kyle MacLachlan played FBI Agent Lloyd Gallagher, who came to Los Angeles in search of a killer who had killed his partner. He teamed up with police detective Tom Beck (Michael Nouri) to try and catch the killer, but everything started to become strange as we learn about the extra-terrestrial danger threatening the people.

I’m leaving a lot out of the film synopsis on purpose because I feel like some of the best parts of the film is not really knowing what you are watching. I’ll just say that there are some weird things happening.

Kyle MacLachlan playing an oddball FBI Agent? I wonder if this was one of the reasons why David Lynch eventually cast him as Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks. Despite this character being clearly different than Agent Cooper, I can definitely see some similarities to how MacLachlan played them.

The sci-fi aspects of the film were well done and had some creepy moments. It had a campy feel to it and the story was surprisingly bright. I do have to say that I was not in love with the ending of the film. It did not take the safe way, but I’m not sure how I felt about it.

The Hidden was a decent film with an actor that I really enjoy. The story was fun though I am unsure about the wrap up.

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