Comic Catch-Up #7

January 25, 2023, afternoon

Wednesday is new comic book day!!!

With the no school day today, I was able to head up to Comic World, my comic shop, to pick up my books from my pull list (and those books that Todd missed for me. Hey Todd!!!)

It was not the biggest week this week as I wound up with about 8 new books. A couple of those are books that I have not yet read because I need to catch up with the series (Midnight Sons #5- I need to find this 5-issue series in the piles- and Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise- which is on the list to read soon and Sabretooth and the Exiles- which I have to find #2).

That left me a few issues and one standout that was my favorite new book of the week.

Thor #30. “The Legacy of Thanos Part Two” I have been behind Thor so badly. I decided to read the most recent issue instead of tying to go back and catch up on all the missing issues as of now. Hopefully, I can organize the Thor books and get them on a list to read in the near future. This was confusing, which I think is understandable. Written by Torunn Grønbekk and drawn by Nic Klein, Thor #30 had several things happen that I just did not understand, but it had a great final page. Hopefully, as I continue forward with Thor, things will make more sense. I was ready for it to be confusing because of how many books I skipped but I am committed to pushing on.

Amazing Spider-Man #18. The Dark Web storyline seems to be winding down and I will be happy when it ends. I do like how it is building Ben Reilly up as Chasm. It just feels as if the silliness with the demons in limbo (such as Rek-Rap) takes away from the overall stakes of the issue. This one was better than last issue though so with the Dark Web finale in sight, perhaps it will bring it in hot. Zeb Wells is the writer and Ed McGuinness does the pencils.

Sins of Sinister #1. Part 1: “Everything is Sinister“. Looks like the X-Men are screwing up the Marvel Universe again. Once again, I am not a huge fan of alternate futures that the X-Men seem so fond of doing. This book was interesting and I anticipate reading it, but I never feel as if it matters. I have never thought the X-Men have mattered since they could no longer die and be dead. The whole resurrection thing bothered me, but it is intriguing how this book is built around that very concept. Keiron Gillen is the writer and Lucas Werneck was the artist (although it lists a bunch of artists as ‘guest artists’ including Geoffrey Shaw, Marco Checchetto, Juan Jose Ryp, David Baldeon, Travel Foreman, Carlos Gomez, Federico Vicentini, David Lopez, Joshua Cassara and Stefano Caselli.).

Justice Society of America #1 & 2. The New Golden Age storyline begins focusing on Huntress. My friend Todd at Comic World told me that this series sucked. I thought that was a bit harsh. This new look at the JSA is messy. The biggest problem with the series is the use of the different timelines. It does nothing but muddy the waters and cause confusion. The characters are decent, but it spent a lot of time killing characters that I do not think will stay dead. I had very little connection to these characters. The story, from what I could decipher, was fine. I am not a big DC fan and I am not sure if I am going to continue with this book after issue #2. We’ll see.

And now for the best book of the week!

All-Out Avengers #5. I loved this issue. Of course, one of the biggest reasons was it featured Spider-Man vs. the Avengers and I love any book that does Spidey well. All-Out Avengers has been building this story over the first five issues about the Avengers being involved in battles where they do not remember everything about what was happening. It was confusing at the start, but it developed into a storyline that really kicked off with the final few pages of this book, with Captain America giving us the answer to the puzzle. And I was literally shocked with the reveal. It was a wonderful reveal after a book that showed how capable and intelligent Spider-Man is. Just a hoot of a book and I can’t wait to see where it will go from here.

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