Poker Face (1 x 04)


“Rest in Metal”

I will say that this has been my least favorite episode of Poker Face so far.

Same format. We see the murder and then we see how Charlie was already there and connected to the victim. I hope that format gets mixed around some because it is starting to get a bit dull.

The whole metal rock thing was not something I could connect with. A band who killed their new drummer in order to steal a song that he wrote was not he best story I have ever heard. I did like how they wound up getting caught. The people who were ready to sign the band presented the fact that the song had stolen the music from the theme of the sitcom Benson. That seemed to be the biggest sin to these record execs. Only after this did they reveal that the group had been revealed as the killers of their drummer.

Chloë Sevigny guest starred as Ruby Ruin, the lead singer of the group Doxxxology, who had one major hit early in their career that had been written by their drummer at the time and they received zero royalties for it. This sets up the story of the episode.

The only hope was that Benjamin Bratt returned this episode and brought the story of the pilot with him.

Natasha Lyonne continues to be excellent as Charlie Cale, the human lie detector. She was the best part of this episode and some of the highlights coming from the future look great. I hope this was just a bump in the season.

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