Comic Catch-Up #9

February 1, 2023

January has come to an end and the Genre-ary DailyView along with it. With that concluding, it is time to officially start the Comic Catch-Up Daily Read. The goal is to dedicate at least an hour a day to reading the piles of back issues that are all over my room and try my best to catch-up. I started to do some reading in January, but I did not dedicate myself to a daily read. I was able to do eight Comic Catch-Up posts last month. This is right now number nine.

Of course, it is also Wednesday, which means it is NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! YEAH!

So there are several of the brand new issues in the pile of comics for the first of February. Truthfully, several of these books that were not in today’s haul, were read last night, but it still will count.

I honestly thought about renumbering the Comic Catch-Up, calling it Volume Two (just like so many comics these days), but I decided the Legacy Numbering was how I would go.

With that out of the way, this starts Comic Catch-Up #9 (February)

Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1. My friend Todd at Comic World told me this was a one-shot. Imagine my surprise when I got to the last page of this issue and I saw an advertisement for next issue (#2). I really enjoyed this book with a daughter that we (at least, I) never knew Blade had. Her name is Brielle and she is starting to receive some special gifts genetically from her famous father. The book was written by Danny Lore and the art was by Karen S. Darboe. It featured a cool cover too from the art team of Ryan Stegman, Rachelle Rosenberg, Karen S. Darboe and Chris Peter. I wonder if the vocal minority and their misogamy will come for Bloodline since it is a female character. Either way, I really liked this “ONE SHOT” and I look forward to the TWO SHOT. (Heh)

Dark Web Finale #1: I have not been a fan of this Dark Web storyline that has been running through the Spider-Man books recently, but I did think it picked up a bit recently. This finale was decent. There was less of the ridiculous demons and more with Ben Reilly and Hallows Eve. I also enjoyed the character development for Madelyn Pryor. Still, Rek-Rap is in running for the worst new character. I am excited for Spider-Man books to get back to normal soon. Dark Web Finale was written by Zwb Wells and drawn by Adam Kubert, Francesco Mortarino, with Scott Hanna.

Scarlet Witch #2. There were two stories inside issue #2. The first one was written by Steve Orlando and drawn by Sara Pichelli, featuring the return of Viv Vision. I loved Viv back in the Champions and the whole introduction of her in the Vision series is some of the best comics written, in my opinion. It was great to see her come to Wanda despite the complicated history between her and Viv’s dad, Vision. The backup story included Storm in a cool little adventure for a good cup of tea. It was written by Stephanie Williams with art by Chris Allen.

Silver Surfer: Ghost Light #1. A new series featuring the Silver Surer, although Norrin does not appear much in the book. The main story details Toni who has disturbed the final resting place of Al Harper, her uncle, bringing him back in a strange form, glowing green. This is another book that is based around the story of a young girl and her younger brother. I liked this quite a bit too. It was written by John Jennings and drawn by Valentine DeLandro. Taurin Clarke did the art on the cover.

Sabretooth & The Exiles #2. Written by Victor LaValle and drawn by Leonard Kirk, this is a back issue that I picjed up today because I could not find it. I had #1 and I know where #3 is, but two was not found. I actually do think that I am enjoying this series so far. I have not been a big X-Men fan recently, but this group of characters is intriguing and Sabretooth is facing some major issues with hs healing factor. The final page of the issue had a beautifully drawn splash page.

…and now the back issues:

Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #1-3. This series starring Dr. Strange is a beautifully original series with art and colors that are absolutely sensational. I am utterly confused about what is going on, but I am loving the journey in trying to figure it out. The art is just so unique that is grabs your attention in every way imaginable. I admit the story has me confused, but I am happy to keep trying with such a visually stunning piece of art as this. It is written and drawn by Tradd Moore and Heather Moore does the coloring (which is amazing). Issue two does list Jensine Eckwall as a special guest artist along with Moore. This series concludes with next issue.

Public Domain #1. I love Chip Zdarsky I have the run so far of Public Domain and I started with reading issue one last night. However, I realized as I got into the book that I had read this already. That did not stop me because I was enjoying the tale that Zdarsky was weaving. I will be diving into the remainder of the books with this one soon. I am interested to see if I have read any of those too.

Wakanda #2. Evan Narcisse and Adam Serwer wrote this issue and Ibraim Roberson was the artist for the first story featuring M’Baku. There was also a very short Part Two in the “History of the Black Panthers” backup story. I am working my way through this anthology series, having completed it in my collection today with issue #5. I do like the character of M’Baku, even if he is basically following the character form the MCU now.

Captain Marvel #45. Part three of the storyline “Revenge of the Brood” continued along with some cool moments with Carol and Gambit along with other X-Men, Spider-Woman and Hazmat. It started off very confusing, but we dropped the veil of confusion when we learned what was going on with our heroes. Brood everywhere and our heroes may have had them implanted inside them as well. No sign of Binary yet.

Midnight Suns #1. Written by Ethan Sacks and drawn by Luigi Zagaria, the first issue was exceptional with the joining of Wolverine, Magik, Blade, Agatha Harkness, Nico Minoru, Zoe Laveau and Spirit Rider in a group to confront demons attacking Strange Academy. The demons picked a poor day to attack as guest speaker, Blade was in attendance. This was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to finally getting my hands on issue 2.

The Killer: Affairs of the State #1. I have no idea why I bought this book. It was written by Matz and drawn by Luc Jacamon. The credits say that Edward Gauvin did the English translation, which I am not sure what that meant. I was bored out of my mind reading this book. I really did not like it. It was too dense in exposition and dialogue. A lot of times I like some good writing but this felt just too much. It felt like it took forever to get through the issue. I wonder if this was a book stuck in my box… (heh heh).

Until tomorrow…

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