Comic Catch-Up #11

February 3, 2023

A late start because of cold temperatures allowed me to get the Comic Catch-Up reading completed early and now I am finishing the post after school got over.

Continued several of the series runs that I started the other day. Some good books here.

Grim #2. “Chapter Two: The End“. Written by Stephanie Phillips with art from the one-named wonder Flaviano, Grim #2 continued the story of Jessica and her challenge after losing her scythe. She believed that her own death, a death that she could not remember, was an important piece of the puzzle so she went to break into where the memories were stored. Things did not work out well for her. Grim has been a good read so far and it has continued to hook me with the story and the art.

Avengers #45. I started in on the pile of Avengers comics that I am behind on. That took me back quite a long while with a story of Blade becoming the sheriff of Count Dracula’s new official nation of vampires. Jason Aaron wrote the story with Luca Maresca providing the art. Cory Smith and Jason Keith gave us the cover.

Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings #2. “Old Friends“. Shang-Chi meets up with an old flame and partner in MI6, Leiko Wu. It was all a set up for British Intelligence to get their hands on the ten rings. This series has been written by Gene Luen Yang and the art inside this book was done by Marcus To. Dike Ruan and Matthew Wilson were the cover artists on this issue.

Wakanda #4. “The Other Path.” This was my favorite issue of this anthology series so far. It featured Tosin, a character who I had never heard of before. The opening page called him The Wakandan. I really dug this character, and I also loved the Kime as well. This was an exciting story, featuring the villainous Abomination as well.

Judgment Day #2. Uh oh. Did the Avengers just make a big boo boo? The story of the war between the factions of the Avengers, Eternals and X-Men reach a new height as the Avengers reinvigorate the Avengers HQ, which was an old Celestial. This became the literal judgment day. Kieron Gillen was the writer and Valero Schiti did the art. Mark Brooks was the cover artist. It had a very end of the MCU Eternal’s feel to it and I’m ready to see where it goes.

Strange Academy: Finals #1. Written by Skottie Young and drawn by Humberto Ramos. Strange Academy is one of the books that I wanted to read, but I just never got around to it. I always found the few issues that I did read interesting. That whole series is one that I should look into during this catch-up. I found this start of the story pretty solid. I enjoyed learning a little bit about these characters.

Public Domain #3. Chip Zdarsky continues to create a comic that is totally intriguing and engaging despite there being no super heroes and focusing on the creators of the comic books. Who would have guessed that a meeting with a lawyer over copyright law would be so fun? I am very curious to see where this book is heading.

Avengers Forever #7-9. I grabbed a whole bunch of Avengers Forever back issues and The Pillars story, Part Two, Three and Four. They were all multiversal versions of the main Avengers, #7 was a bunch of Steve Rogers, #8 gave us a special Thor and #9 brought us a different version of Carol Danvers. The creative team included Jason Aaron, Aaron Kuder, Cam Smith and Guru-EFX. The covers were all really great (especially #8) and they were done by Aaron Kuder and Jason Keith.

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