Comic Catch-Up #14

February 6, 2023

I am back from my conference in Des Moines and ready to finsih the Comic Catch-Up write-up. I was able to squeeze my time in this morning to continue the goal of reading. I had selected several comic issues to take with me to the hotel. I actually had plenty of time and could have read more.

Starting off with…

Avengers Assemble Alpha #1. “The Battle a Million Years in the Making“. Avengers Assemble, Part One. As the Avengers, the Prehistoric Avengers, the Multiversal Avengers came together to deal with the Multiversal Masters of Evil, which included multiversal versions of Dr. Doom, Killmonger, Venom, Wolverine, Green Goblin/Ghost Rider, Thanos and Phoenix. The book was written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie & Alex Sinclair. I knew this came after Judgment Day, which I just finished so I read it and I like this quite a bit.

Avengers #52-53. However, I was confused for awhile as I was reading this because the team was different than the one in Avengers Assemble Alpha #. The Death Hunters Part Two and Three in these two books. I finally realized that this pair of books took place before Judgment Day. Hoping to catch up with the past Avengers books soon before moving along with Avengers Forever and the rest of this storyline.

Cover the Dead with Lime #2. The second issue of the Blood Moon Comics series. Written by Jonathan Chance and drawn by Hernán González. Jack Teller is the lone Plague Doktor and he is out to try this horrible epidemic that was spreading the world, a plague whose victims seem to be coming back to life. This book has been visually cool and I want to see where it goes from here.

Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #2. Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker was written by Greg Pak and the art was done by Manuel Garcia. I realized this issue that this story was an alternate future story, which I am not a huge fan of. Now, true, the Hulk has had one of the best possible future stories of all time (Future Imperfect). So far, this series has been kind of dull. Amadeus Cho was a Hulk that I enjoyed, but this has not been great so far. I will say that She-Hulk’s appearance was interesting and we’ll have to see how thing progress.

A Calculated Man #1. “Kill Them All“. Writer: Paul Tobin. Artist: Alberto Alburquerque. I did not like this one al all. I was bored and could not get into it. I have no good things to say about A Calculated Man.

Stillwater #6. “It’s My Duty” Chip Zdarsky was the writer and Ramon K. Perez was the artist. I had really enjoyed Stillwater, but fell way behind the series. It always felt like a combination of Twin Peaks and LOST, which are two of my favorite shows ever. This wrapped up the first story arc, which is a great spot to start once again.

Winter Guard #1. Written by Ryan Cady and Art by Jan Bazaldua (the main story) and Djibril Morissette-Phan (the Prelude). The Winter Guard, a super hero team from Russia, made several appearances in the Avnergs comic and that led to this limited series. Featuring Yelena Belova and Red Guardian, I liked this group of characters, and the story has some mystery to it.

A.X.E. Starfox #1. Written by Kieron Cullen and drawn by Danielle DiNicuolo, Eros, brother of Thanos, former Avengers known as Starfox, Eternal, comes into the middle of the Judgment Day story. Starfox had always been a favorite of mine, even if he was kind of rapey. I enjoyed this art, which was unique.

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