The Last of Us (1 x 04)


“Please Hold My Hand”

“Did you know diarrhea is hereditary? It runs in your genes.”

I did not expect some laughs in The Last of Us. The show, while being brilliant so far, has been less than a happy romp. It has been painfully emotional with death and loss and an intense mood with dangers around every corner.

And yet, with one book of puns read through by Ellie, The Last of Us brought laughter and snickering at some of the worst puns around.

The show was never going to be a stand-up routine though and there were some tough problems. This episode the dangers did not come from the monsters or the infected. It came from the humans.

This was an episode that was meant to highlight the relationship between Joel and Ellie. Joel has not, to this point, connected with the little girl. He was with her now because of Tess. We saw the humanizing of Joel and the beginning of a real relationship with Ellie that he had avoided up until this point.

After several very emotional episodes in a row, this one stepped back a bit and gave a more laid back episode (to a point) and I dug it.

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