Comic Catch-Up #21

February 13, 2023

Jumping right in tonight….

That Texas Blood #7 & 8. Creative team: Chris Condon & Jacob Phillips. This Image series begins its second story arc with “Eversaul, 1981” and, I have to say, I love this series. This new arc is just kicking it. The arc deals with a murder that happened back in 1981 in Ambrose County and the memories of Sheriff Joe Bob, who was there for the case. So far, there has been a bit of exposition, but I am thoroughly engaged and entertained by it.

Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings #3. “The Ring in the Stone.” Written by Gene Luen Yang and drawn by Marcus To, Shang-Chi goes to retrieve the twn rings that had been stolen from him last issue by former friends inside MI-6. This issue was filled with awesome Shang-Chi action as the rings became one. Dike Ruan & Matthew Wilson drew the cover for this issue.

Midnight Suns #5. “Smoke and Mirrors.” Midnight Suns limited series came to an end with this issue, and I have to say that I enjoyed this one quite a bit. It ended with a very interesting twist dealing with Agatha Harkness. I liked this team of characters and the conclusion was solid.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #3. Written by Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly and drawn by Carmen Carnero. Carnero was joined by Alejandro Sanchez for the cover art. Steve Rogers is investigating the origins of where his shield came from and he is finding some shocking truths. And there was a fascinating showdown between Bucky and Peggy Carter.

Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #4. Written by Marieke Nijikamp and penciled by Enid Balám. The main cover art was done by Johnoy Lindsay. Kate continues to try and overcome the Chapiteau, led by Pascale Tiboldt, the niece of Ringmaster. Kate Bishop shows just what a fun and exciting character she is, proving in this series that she is more than just a female Hawkeye.

Stillwater #11. “The Drop“. Things continue to be troublesome in Stillwater as the comic takes a one year time jump forward, solidifying the rule of the kid, Galen. Daniel and Tanya remain as the opposition, trying to talk Galen into the right decisions. Unfortunately, Ted and Sheriff Kreegs are still there too. Things are getting rough in Stillwater.

Thor #25. This is part two of Hulk vs. Thor: Banner of War. There actually isn’t a lot of Thor in this issue’s main story. There is more Iron Man and Odin. We do see images of what happened in El Paso that led to this entire problem. There are two back stories in the book too, one featuring the Enchantress and one based on an actual Norse myth.

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