Comic Catch-Up #37

February 26, 2023

Second post in the Comic Catch-Up of the day as February comes to a close later this week. I spent a little time today going through piles once again searching for some more comics to get started with. I did find a few new (old) books.

The Last Book You’ll Ever Read #8. Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Leila Leiz. Lookie Lookie! Just today in Comic Catch-Up #36, I did issues 4-7 and I speculated that I was missing the final issue of this book and I was considering whether I wanted to pick it up or not because I was not enjoying it much. That very day, I find it in a pile, taking the choice out of my hands. And the end of the book was as unsatisfying as I could imagine. I really hated the way this book ended, and I was not much of a fan of it in the first place. I don’t know if they plan on a sequel or continuing the story on down the road, but this is absolutely literally the last book (in this series) I’ll ever read.

Moon Knight#10. “Session” Written by Jed MacKay and penciled by Alessandro Cappuccio. This Moon Knight has really become brutal. Even his own friends are a little uncertain about him. This was a rough issue where Moon Knight dealt with the problem of Waxman and dealt with him in an almost cruel manner. I wonder if Moon Knight is slipping deeper into his illness.

Hulk #9. “Hulk Planet Part One“. Written by Donny Cates and drawn by Ryan Ottley. Bruce Banner is in a therapy session with “Doc Sampson” and he flashes back to one of the few happy memories of his childhood. This is a prerequisite for Bruce to get on the ship every day. Then it appears as if Hulk has returned… home?

Black Panther #5. “The Long Shadow Book Five” Written by John Ridley and drawn by Juann Cabal with Stefano Landini. Alex Ross did yet another cover for the book. T’Challa is on the run as the government of Wakanda is beginning to believe that he committed treason against the state. Meanwhile Shuri and Omolola escape together too.

The Silver Coin #1. “The Ticket.” Written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Michael Walsh. This is an anthology horror series that kicked off with a “magical” coin finding its way into the hands of a young rock guitarist who discovered that he was suddenly so much better playing that he was before. It was a pretty sad story of a pathetic loser trying to make it in the world of rock and roll.

Crossover #1-4. Written by Donny Cates and drawn by Geoff Shaw. I pulled this book from out of the piles and started into it once again. I started at the beginning, though I think I read number one before. Truthfully though I did not remember much about it so a refresher was a good choice. The use of the other characters/artists/writers etc. is really just a gimmick that would not work if the story wasn’t strong. So far, I think the story works well.

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