Comic Catch-Up #39

February 28, 2023

Well, here it is. The final day of February brings to an end the every day Comic Catch-up that has been going strong daily. I have made a dent in the piles of comics that I have but there are still several piles to go.

This feels like the letter page at the end of a series’ run. The writer saying how he/she had such an awesome experience with whichever character that was in the book. He/She thanked the artist, the other creative people, the editors, and the fans who had been so dedicated to the book.

There have been days when I had to squeeze the time in the day. Most of the days, however, I spent way more than the one hour that I had originally intended to give. It has been awesome. I had really missed reading my comics. I have caught up with a bunch of the titles that I currently collect, which makes NEW COMIC BOOK DAY all the better. I have also found myself more invested in the independent comics than I have ever been. I have found fun searching across eBay to pick up complete sets. Several of these will be coming in the mail this week.

After all of this reflection, I do plan on continuing the Comic Catch-Up as the calendar turns to March. It will just not have to be daily. If there is a day I get home from school and have something to watch on TV that evening, maybe I do not read anything on that day. I won’t feel the need to wake up early on busy days to read before I have to get ready for school. There is nothing saying when I have to do a post. All I can say is that there will be plenty of days when the Comic Catch-Up will continue.

I do plan on continuing the post numbering with #40. I am not ready to restart the numbering at number one like they do with comics…all the time. How many Deadpool #1s have there been?

So, with the final Comic Catch-Up of February, let’s go…

Crossover #9-13. Written (and starring) Donny Cates. Drawn by Geoff Shaw. I loved this series. It was one of the most meta stories that I have ever read. Who knew that Donny Cates himself would be a major character (who dies) in the book. I love Ellipses and Ryan. The section involving Brian Bendis was hilarious. Negan killing Robert Kirkman with Lucille? Did not see that coming. There were just a ton of surprises and exceptional cameos and guest stars. I had only planned on reading issue #9 & 10 tonight, but I was just so into the story that I had to finish it up. I sure hope that this is not the complete end of the book because the cliffhanger was compelling as hell. Perhaps the meta aspect of Crossover would wear thin one day, but that had not happened in the first 13 issues. Bring on some more.

The Department of Truth #16. Written by James Tynion IV and penciled by Alison Sampson. The Department of Truth and Lee Harvey Oswald goes psychadelic. Lee is stoned and the whole issue was a total trip. The art by Alison Simpson was utterly wild, full of color and like a fever dream. And all centered around RFK. Another outstanding issue.

Black Panther #7.The Long Shadow Book Seven” Written by John Ridley and drawn by Stefano Landini. Cover Art by EYG Hall of Famer Alex Ross. Tosin meets up with Shuri and T’Challa’s group continues to grow. Despite the fact that these characters are preparing to fight with T’Challa, none of them seem to like him very much. Even Storm and the Dora Milaje had issues with the former king. Still, the forces are forming to oppose the power grab of Akili.

Moon Knight #12. “The Killing Time Part Two” Written by Jed Mackay with art from Alessandro Cappuccio. Stephen Segovia & Rachelle Rosenberg were featured as cover artists. This might have been my favorite issue of this new run of Moon Knight yet. All of these characters were coming to a wonderful convergence as Moon Knight and Zodiac were facing off and just when it looked like Zodiac was going to get his final comeuppance… Steven Grant arrives. Great issue.

Jane Foster & the Mighty Thor #3. “Part Three of Five” Written by Torunn Grønbekk and art by Michael Dowling. Jane taking on S’ym in Limbo is one thing, but the last few pages of this issue were shocking. I guess Thor does not know who Jane was. Now, true, amnesia is an overused plot device, but there was just something of the way in which this was revealed that made it feel fresh.

The Silver Coin #3. “Death Rattle.” Written by Ed Brisson with art from Michael Walsh. A brutal issue featuring a female thief who came across the cursed coin, which seemingly turned her into a vicious murderer. I did like a lot of the imagery and the kills involved, but the story itself felt a little lacking of depth. The ending was very intriguing though.

Hulk #11. “Hulk Planet Part Three“. Written, penciled and inked by Ryan Ottley. I guess this was the Hulk’s chance to play Quidditch. A game called Godball on this planet of Hulk worshipers. I found this one to be just ridiculous and not enjoyable at all. I am really hoping to get some form of the real Hulk back soon because this whole Spaceship Hulk thing with Banner and others piloting him is just not doing it for me. This was easily my least favorite book of the day.

So February comes to a close. March is coming in like a lamb weather-wise, but like a lion since tomorrow is NEW COMIC BOOK DAY!!!!

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