Comic Catch-Up #48

March 16, 2023

Yesterday was NEW COMIC BOOK DAY and so there were a bunch of books to read. I also got a big shipment in the mail yesterday featuring the series Middlewest so there is a ton of stuff to read right now.

There was also a new book that I was really looking forward to since I heard about it.
We’ll kick off with that one…

Hellcat #1. “She’s Not There.” Written by Christopher Cantwell and drawn by Alex Lins. Pere Perez and Marte Gracia did the cover art. I loved this issue. I was really anticipating it since I read about it in Previews. The sound of a mystery story where Patsy was not sure if she was the guilty person sounded great and I was very impressed with this writing. The inclusion of Sleepwalker was another intriguing surprise. Sleepwalker was a character that I have always enjoyed so it was cool that he was involved in this new series. It had a definite feel of a noir and Hellcat is a book I am excited about continuing.

Mystery in Space #103. This was not an issue that I thought I would be buying. I had never even heard of it. My friend Todd from Comic World (my comic shop) had told me to buy this issue. It was among a collection that he had purchased for the store and he was excited about how much of that collection he had already sold. This book featured a story with a character named Ultra the Multi-Alien. Todd mentioned this and talked it up. I decided to pick it up. There were actually like three or four stories in the book that was released in 1965. None of these stories were much or stuck out to me as awesome. At best, I would say it was okay.

House of Slaughter #13. “The Butcher’s Return Part Three.” This issue felt like a middle ground for this story arc. It seemed as if everything was getting into place where the story would eventually head. The very end of the book had a dramatic switch though. This was written by Tate Brombal and the art was done by Antonio Fuso.

Gideon Falls #7-8. Written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Andrea Sorrentino. I really am loving this series. Every issue brings more into the narrative about what is going on in this town with the mysterious Black Barn. It took a dark turn for one of the major characters that we have been following, Norman. Jeff Lemire has been on fire with this book and he shows his skill with the horror/comic genre.

X-Treme X-Men #1 & 2. Written by Chris Claremont with art by Salvador Larroca. I have not been a huge fan of the X-Men lately, but seeing Chris Claremont back with them was a huge selling point. I had picked up #2 & #3, but seemingly could not find #1. Thankfully, I was able to find #1 at Comic World the other day and I bought it. I have read the first two and I do like the book. They are mining some classic books by bringing back the old enemy of Logan and Kitty Pryde, Ogun, from a limited series back in the 1980s. I liked issue #1 more than #2, so we’ll see how #3 goes.

Secret Invasion #5. “Everywhere We Need to Be.” Written by Ryan North and drawn by Francesco Mobli. Sanford Greene did the cover art. This was the conclusion to this series. I have really enjoyed Secret Invasion, but I have to say that this finale felt a little underwhelming. I mean, it was fine. but there was just something that felt lacking here. There were plenty of pages where I really loved the coloring, with shades of green. It felt like I wanted more.

Superman: Lost #1. “Book One.” Plotted by Priest and Carlo Pagulayan. I saw this on the shelf at Comic World and it piqued my curiosity. I think it was the word “Lost” in the title. Todd comes into the story once again as he told me about the premise. Superman goes on an adventure and then returns claiming that he had been gone for 20 years, even though it did not seem like that to Lois and the Justice League. I do like a good mystery and I hope this one turns out to be one of those. I will most likely give it another chance.

Captain Marvel #47. “Revenge of the Brood Part Five.” Written by Kelly Thompson with art from Sergio Davila. Geez, things just keep getting worse and worse for poor Carol. She winds up in the exact place that Binary has been, just for the arrival of the biggest, most frightening Brood I think I have ever seen. I have enjoyed the use of the X-Men in this arc and I thought the interactions between Rogue and Hazmat were excellent. Not sure how Carol gets out of this.

Harrower #2. Written by Justin Jordan and illustrated by Brahm Revel. Whoa. Harrower arrived at a party and went to town. This was a cool slasher type story but, I have to say, the ending came out of nowhere and was just over. I understand cliffhangers, but I did not realize that the book was done. I kept looking for another page to wrap things up. It was a weird end, but I did enjoy what was here until that end.

Red Goblin #2. Written by Alex Paknadel and drawn by Jan Bazaldua. Normie Osborn heads into the sewers in search of his Pop-pop, Norman Osborn. Norman has been taken by the Goblin Nation and their leader, Phillip Urich. This has been good so far, but I do think that Normie speaks a little to maturely for the age he is supposed to be. Still, I like the young kid/symbiote connection going on here. Like a boy with his dog… only more vicious and murdery.

Avengers Forever #15. “The Rise of the Omni-Avengers” The creative team featured Jason Aaron, Aaron Kuder, Mark Farmer & Frank Martin. The big finale of the Avengers Assemble event is almost here as this is the penultimate issue. Robbie Reyes and Star Brand jump into action despite their troubles with their powers. There are a ton of Avengers and a bunch of other enemies including Mephisto, Doom and Dark Phoenix. Things will be wrapping up in Avengers Assemble: Omega.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #4. “Trial by Spider Part Four.” Miles is getting his butt kicked Rabble, a new villain who seems to know Miles’ secret identity. This all has put Miles in a fearful mood as he is scared for the safety of his friends and his family. Misty Knight is here to help the young Spider-Man too. Written by Cody Ziglar and pencils by Federico Vicentini. Dike Ruan and Alejandro Sanchez did the cover.

Gold Goblin #5. Written by Christopher Cantwell with art from Lan Medina. Taurin Clarke did the cover. This wrapped up the limited series featuring the new Goblin alter-ego of Norman Osborn. Spider-Man guest stars in the series too, as he plays a vital role in Norman’s life. I liked how the book manipulated the press and the public into thinking that Osborn was still the horribly evil person he was before Sin-Eater. The fact that Norman Osborn is not sure if he is worthy is a great twist. It has kept the imbalance of guilt and doubt in the head of the former super villain and it is interesting to read. This was good.

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