EYG Comic Cavalcade #3

March 25, 2023

It is fairly awesome that I am almost caught up on all of the current books that I collect. I am still working on Black Panther and, technically, I have not started Nocterra yet. But other than that, I can read whatever new book comes out that Wednesday.

Of course, I have read all of the books from last Wednesday and next Wednesday I have parent/teacher conferences so I will have to wait until Thursday to get them.

This issue of EYG Comic Cavalcade features a couple of new independent books that are cool.

Black Panther #11-12. Written by John Ridley and drawn by German Peralta. The downfall of King T’Challa continues in these issues as we find out the person behind everything and it was a bit of a shock for T’Challa. He is also tossed from the Avengers because of his actions. I have a bit of an issue with the way Captain America Steve Rogers has been written in this series so far. It just does not feel like Steve. That is a minor complaint. I do like how they are deconstructing T’Challa to, hopefully, build him back up.

The Approach #2-4. Written by Jeremy Haun and Jason A. Hurley while the book is illustrated by Jesus Hervás and Lea Caballero. This new horror short series has been cool. I did not know this was still active and that #5 was coming out very soon. This has a big “The Thing” vibes (as in the John Carpenter film) as some kind of monster arrived on the plane that had arrived that had been missing for years. I do not know if we are getting that answer next issue about what happened with that plane. I hope to find out.

Ant-Man #4. “Ant-Man Forever” Written by Al Ewing and drawn by Tom Reilly. I finally picked up the fourth issue of this series that I had started way back when. I read issues #1-3, but had missed #4. Now that I got it, it was a decent story with multiple versions of Ant-Man battling a futuristic version of Ultron. The story was fine, but getting the issue was more about completion than anything else.

Moon Knight #20-21. Written by Jed MacKay and drawn by Alessandro Cappuccio. Cover art by Stephen Segovia & Rachelle Rosenberg. This caught me up to the place where Moon Knight is currently at and I continue to truly enjoy this book. Moon Knight is being portrayed as a real bad ass and I believe that he is going to take anyone that comes against him. I am also enjoying the supporting characters that are being included in this series. Everything is going great here.

Moon Knight Annual #1. “Homecoming” Marlene makes a return when her (and Moon Knight’s) daughter is kidnapped in a play to get Marc. And the culprit behind the kidnapping… Jack Russell, the Werewolf by Night. Hunter’s Moon plays a huge part in the story as well. I found the interaction between Moon Knight and Werewolf by Night to be excellent and I would love to see more of these antagonistic duo.

Primordial #6. Written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Andrea Sorrentino. The tale of the outer space monkey and his dog friends comes to an end. I really do not know how to feel about this issue, let alone the entire series. It is far from my favorite Lemire-Sorrentino book. Still, it is a beautiful looking book and I was happy to give it a chance.

Local Man #1. “Heartland” Created by Tim Seeley and Tony Fleecs . Seeley, Fleecs, along with Brian Reber, did the art for the cover. I loved this new Image book. A down on his luck super hero, Crossjack, returns to his hometown to live with his parents after something happened with the super team he was on. It had created quite the controversy and gossip among the hometown population. There was also a backup story about the super team, Third Gen (which was the team that Crossjack was on, looking very much like a team created by Rob Liefeld. I am very intrigued by this book and I am excited to see the next issue.

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