Owen Wilson is both figuratively and literally ‘no Bob Ross.’

Literally, he is an actor that is playing a role that is literally not Bob Ross. He plays a character named Carl Nargle.

Figuratively, though he may be based on the iconic TV painter, Carl Nargle is simply not even close to the man who was Bob Ross.

When I first heard about this movie, I had thought that it was maybe a biopic dealing with the extremely intriguing life of Bob Ross. There would be plenty of areas to mine if that was the track this film had taken. However, that was not the intent of this movie. This was, at best, a parody of Bob Ross and a poor one at that.

Carl Nargle was a TV painter at a small PBS station whose best days were behind him. When the station manager Tony (Stephen Root) looks to increase ratings, he hired a second painter, Ambrosia (Ciara Renée) which caused stress and jealousy for Carl.

There was just not much that I liked about this movie. I always appreciate the work of Owen Wilson. I believe that he did everything that he could with what he was given, and any positives that I can attribute to this movie rests on his shoulders. However, there was not enough to elevate this weak script into an enjoyable experience.

I found very little funny, even though the film had intended it to be. Characters were one-dimensional and did things that were both inconsistent and illogical.

There was not much of a storyline in the film, and, what there was, was remarkably simple, lacking any true depth.

In what could have been something much better, Paint was lacking in just about every way. No happy little accidents here.

1.3 stars

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