EYG Comic Cavalcade #10

April 14, 2023

Happy Friday.

Busy week. I am still working on getting caught up on the NEW COMICS DAY books. I get a whole bunch of those on Wednesday and I have a few to finish off. I could have done a Cavalcade last night, but instead I read the series of back issues that I purchased as well this Wednesday.

I am starting to pile up with some of these independent books that I have been buying. I expect to do some special editions soon to read through these series.

Captain America: The Chosen #1-6. Written by David Morrell and drawn by Mitch Breitweiser. This series was from 2007 and I had never heard of it. Todd told me that it was good, so I decided to pick it up. I have always enjoyed Cap. This series was excellent and an easy read. However, I am not sure I enjoyed the ending. It felt like a in continuity series the entire time until the end when Cap dies. I do not remember Cap dying again and so this must have been some kind of alternate universe and I am always uncertain about those. It is a great read however.

Captain America: Cold War Alpha. “Part 1” Written by Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly & Tochi Onyebuchi and art by Carlos Magno. Patrick Gleason & Alejandro Sanchez did the cover art. A new crossover event featuring Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson’s Captain Americas get together. The storylines of the double Cap series are also coming together so we get White Wolf, Ian, Dimension Z, The Outer Circle among others. I enjoyed the re-team up of Steve and Sam so I am onboard.

Guardians of the Galaxy #1. “The Massacre at Galilee IV“. Written by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing (who were just writing the Cap: Cold War book previously) and drawn by Kev Walker. Michael Checchetto did the art for the cover. This book intrigued me. I saw the cover and thinking about the Guardians in a Western type motif was a cool idea. I was a little unsure though because of the specter of the alternate future stories. I think this is a book in continuity (at least, I am pretending it is, until I see evidence to prove it is not). The whole Groot thing was bizarre and I am curious to see where this goes.

Year Zero #5. Written by Benjamin Percy and illustrated by Ramon Rosanas. Kaare Andrews did the cover art. Finishing up this series, I really enjoyed the format of this book. The multiple stories that was taking place across the planet worked really well. So much that I went out of my way to find the Vol. 0 series and the Vol. 2 series. They arrived today and may be one of those special editions that I mentioned earlier.

X-23: Deadly Regenesis #2. “The Past Haunts Us All Part 2″. Written by Erica Schultz and drawn by Edgar Salazar. Kalman Andrasofszky is the cover artist. They continue the flashback story with Laura. Interesting enough, much of this issue was dedicated to the villain, Haymaker, and giving us a background on why Haymaker is after X-23. I like the depth of the charatcers.

Superman: Lost #2. “Kansas” Written by Priest and drawn by Carla Pagulayan. The book begins to give us background on what had happened to Superman during the time frame that he believes he was gone for 20 years. Honestly, this gave me some Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow vibes as I read it. It was fine, but it did not stand out that much. I hope it continues to improve.

Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #3. Written by Danny Lore and illustrated by Karen S. Darboe. Brielle gets to spend some time with her father, Blade. We also get more of the story behind how Blade became a daddy. This seems to be a vampire-coming-of-age tale and it has been decent so far.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #5. “Trial By Spider Part Five.” Written by Cody Ziglar and drawn b Federico Vicentini. Dike Ruan & Alejandro Sanchez did the cover art. Miles puts his life on the line to attempt to rescue his family from the dangers of the villainous Rabble. It’s a rough issue for Miles.

Moon Knight #22. “Instinct.” This issue sees the return of the Midnight Man and Tigra goes after him. This was a heavily leaning Tigra solo issue among the Moon Knight series and it was awesome. I have always been a fan of Tigra and this felt like a great time to focus on her character. There is also big time development in the ending. Good stuff continues from Moon Knight. Written by Jed MacKay and drawn by Alessandro Cappuccio. Cover art by Stephen Segovia & Rachelle Rosenberg.

Fantastic Four #6. “A Shot in the Dark.” The issue before the big LGY #700 of the FF was fun. The FF try to fix their error from last issue where they unintentionally unleashed an other-dimensional bacteria that could bring about the death of the planet. Just another day for the FF. Written by Ryan North (who I have really liked on the FF. He seems to have a great grasp on these characters) and illustrated by Ivan Fiorelli. As much as I like the FF right now, I think Johnny’s mustache has got to go.

Worldtr33 #1. Written by James Tynion IV and drawn by Fernando Blanco. The new Image series written by James Tynion IV came out this week and it was something else. Like much of Tynion’s work, there is a lot going on and you need to pay close attention to the story. There were some truly shocking scenes in this issue too. I am excited to see where this heads next.

The Seasons Have Teeth #1. “Spring.” Written by Dan Watters and illustrated by Sebastian Cabrol. The cover art was done by Qistina Khalidah. The new book from Boom! Studios arrived this week and it was a beautifully looking book with some intriguing storytelling. The flashback scenes were very compelling and the world building was solid.

Captain Marvel #48. “Revenge of the Brood Part Six.” Written by Kelly Thompson and drawn by Sergio Davila. Cover art was done by Juan Frigeri & David Curiel. The battle with the Brood raged on, but there was a loss. Binary, who Carol was coming to save, wound up killed saving Carol from the Brood. I did not have a big connection to Binary so it did not make it horrible for me. Still, it was a surprising twist. There are only two more Captain Marvel issues with Kelly Thompson’s epic run.

Silver Surfer: Ghost Light #3.Part 3: Too Much Information.” Written by John Jennings with art by Valentine DeLandro. So far, this limited series has been not been my favorite so far. There are some decent moments, but these characters have not grabbed my interest as of yet. The use of the Stranger is curious though.

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