EYG Comic Cavalcade #11

April 16, 2023

I’m not sure why this is the case, but it seems as if I like DC Comics’ future/Elseworlds type stories more than I like Marvel ones. The stories in Marvel that are non-continuity (outside of the What If? title) always bug me, but the DC ones does not bother me at all.

For example, for the Comic Cavalcade #11, I have read the Swamp Thing: Green Hell Black Label series. It is clearly a story of a possible future and I found it interesting. I do not feel as if a Marvel book in the same vein would pique my curiosity as this did.

I wonder if the Marvel continuity means more to me since DC has rebooted its continuity multiple times over the years. For better or worse, everything that happens in Marvel, stays.

It is an intriguing thought. Still all of the X-Men futures just do not matter to me. Maybe there have been too may of them. I remember loving Future Imperfect with Maestro/Hulk.

Either way, I’m kicking off #11 with Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing: Green Hell #1-3. Written by Jeff Lemire with art by Doug Mahnke and Shawn Moll. I have never been a huge fan of Swamp Thing, but I have not read much of anything featuring him either. This was very good. I have been loving much of Jeff Lemire’s work lately and this fits in perfectly. I missed out on #1 and then I had seen #2 & #3 in the back issue section at Comic World so I picked them up and searched for #1, which I got at Amazon. These Black Label books have been pretty interesting at DC and the future world tale does not bother me. This had some great storytelling and the art was excellent.

Middlewest #9. Written by Skottie Young and drawn by Jorge Corona. Abel has a name for the thing on his chest. It was the Heart of the Storm and he is trying to find a way to get it taken off him. Looking for answers, Abel and Fox arrive at the Nowak village with the few remaining Nowaks. The Nowak sent them to see Nokoyuna (and how cool this thing looked).

Nocterra #2. Written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Tony S. Daniel. Issue #2 is every bit as great as issue #1 was. Maybe even better because there was less world building required and we could just start building suspense and stakes. Blacktop Bill is the name of the all black creature from the end of #1 and he is a bad ass. I continue to love this book so far.

X-Men #21. “Lord of the Brood Part Three“. Written by Gerry Duggan and drawn by Stefano Caselli. The X-Men continue their battle against the Brood, and it seems as if Scott and Jean are coming down on opposite sides of the fence. Jean is helping Broo set up a colony for the Brood that he can still control via the hive mind and Scott is heading off to join up with the fight Captain Marvel is carrying out in her series.

Sleeping Beauties #4-5. Based on the novel by Stephen King and Owen King. Adapted by Rio Youers with art from Alison Sampson. The Aurora sleeping disease is sweeping the nation and some have decided that trying to burn the cocoon off is a good idea. Things are getting crazier by the minute. There is also a woman in the prison who seems to be immune and able to sleep. That info is causing a ton of strife.

The Silver Coin #9. “The Dancer.” Written by Vita Ayala and drawn by Michael Walsh. This issue finds a crooked cop in possession of the coin and he has to chase after a little girl who witnessed him setting a fire in a building. This is another tragic story with some of humanities worst people. The end of this one was pretty satisfying.

The Ambassadors #2. Written by Mark Millar with art by Karl Lerschl. We meet one of the newest selections for the superhero team, Codename India. He has been given powers over gravity. We get to meet him before he is selected, after he wound up being shot by some terrorists. So far there is not much story, but there are some interesting character development going on.

Newburn #5. “Chapter Five: Luck Ran Out” Written by Chip Zdarsky and drawn by Jacob Phillips. Newburn is in jail? How did that happen? I am not sure how I feel about this issue. Newburn is in prison undercover but what he does is kind of questionable. Is Newburn the guy to root for in this book?

Black Cloak #4. Written by Kelly Thompson and with art by Meredith McClaren. Phae and Pax go to see the mermaids and discover who is behind the murder. The problem is, they have no evidence and that makes it practically impossible. We discover the background of why Phae was exiled as well. The first half of the book was a bit slow, but I found it pick up in the second half. It continues to be a fascinating book.

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