EYG Comic Cavalcade #15

April 25, 2023

Day off tomorrow. I’m excited of being able to go to Comic World just as it opens on NEW COMICS DAY! Taking a Wednesday off in the middle of the week is a different feeling than having the day off on a Friday or Monday.

Anyway, jumping right in…

No/One #1. Written by Kyle Higgins & Brian Buccellato with art by Geraldo Borges. This new Image series was really a fascinating kick-off issue. There is a killer running around that the media and everyone else calls No/One, but there is a bunch f a back story to this book. This No/One is apparently a copycat killer and trying to discover his true identity seems to be the direction of the book. There is a ton of cool info at the end of the book too including a timeline and a Wikipedia-type entry called Knowpedia. This feels pretty dense, but it is just the type of mystery that I love. Excited to see where this 10-issue series goes.

The Silver Coin #10. “Covenant: Abomination.” Written and drawn by Michael Walsh. Witchcraft and the cursed inside the silver coin. Honestly, I thought this was a good read, but I do not remember much about it. So how good of a read could it have been?

The Cryptidnals #1. “Chapter 1: Shadow Kingdom.” Written by Ray Ramos and illustrated by Darion Rodriguez. Cover art was by Darion Rodriguez and Red Garcia. Another new horror series, this one featuring several of the legendary creatures of myth and urban legends such as sasquatch, La Llorona, Man-Dog, Chupacabra among others. The black and white book creates an even eerier tone. It was interesting.

Sleeping Beauties #6. Based on the no9vel by Stephen King and Owen King, adapted by Rio Youers and art by Alison Sampson. The sleeping sickness story continues as the mysterious woman Eve Black remains as a vital component of the story. We start to get something different though as it seems as if there is a different reality where these women are existing. Things are heating up.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #7-8. Written by Tom King and drawn by Bilquis Evely. The series wraps up as Supergirl battles in space and Ruthye confronts Krem. Overall, this series was up and down for me and the conclusion was okay at best. I did find the very last page to be fairly shocking, but it did not do enough for me to find this anything more than meh.

Captain America: Unforgiven. “A Few Good Monsters.” The end of the arc with the Forgiven, a group of vampires fighting to prevent their bloodlust. We have seen them with several other Marvel characters including Spider-Man and the X-Men. Now it is Captain America’s turn. I will say that I have had a hard time getting any connections with these characters so, even though there were some interesting moments in the series, I can’t say that i loved it.

Newburn #7-8. Written by Chip Zdarsky an drawn by Jacob Phillips. The first arc of Newburn comes to a close with Newburn helping bring his assistant’s past out of the shadows and saving her from the forces looking to gain revenge. I have enjoyed Newburn, even though it felt as if I shouldn’t have been rooting for him during these comics.

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