EYG Comic Cavalcade #18

May 2, 2023

It is May already as the year is flying by. It is just a few days away until Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is released and I am very excited about that. The school year is down to about a month remaining before summer break. And the weather outside is improving.

Overall, lots of great things to look forward to and the Comic Cavalcade is filled with those as well.

Here we go…

No/One #2. Written by Kyle Higgins & Brian Buccellato with art by Geraldo Borges. Two issues in and I love this book. The mystery of who is the new No/One is rich and layered and the pathway for Ben Kern is completely engaging. I’m getting the vibe that something is heading for a twist in this story and I am totally here for it. This has just been completely entertaining and I can’t wait for the next issue.

The Ambassadors #3. Written by Mark Millar and drawn by Travis Charest. So far, this has been an okay read. It is not as gripping as No/One has been, but it is a novel premise and an intriguing follow through. This issue we are introduced to Codename France and her sidekick (and son) Paris. However, there were some minor hints in the book that something more than just the intro of the new characters is going to be happening soon. I am interested enough to keep progressing with this.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Bane of Blastaar #1. “The World at my Fingertips” Written by Ralph Macchio and drawn by Davide Tinto. Todd Nauck & Rachelle Rosenberg did the art on the cover. This one-shot is another Marvel story that is set back in continuity, and, honestly, I found this one boring. I like all these characters, but I just did not have any feelings for the situation and Blastaar has never been one of my favorite villains.

Middlewest #11-13. Written by Skottie Young with art by Jorge Corona. Everything has started to pick up in this story since Abel met his grandfather and discovered that he had the same curse as he and his father had. Abel had become angry and mean, sending Fox off and heading in his own direction. He wound up captured and forced to be a child slave, and the troupes are on their way to help him. I am continuing to work my way through this fantasy-feeling book and I have started to really enjoy it.

Thor #33. “Blood of the Fathers Part Three.” Written by Torunn Grønbekk and drawn by Juan Gedeon. Nic Klein was the cover artist on this book. This arc of Thor has not been one of my favorites even though it includes Thanos and Dr. Doom. I mean.. it’s fine, but I am not desperately waiting for the next book to see where the story is heading.

Deadpool #6. “Valentine’s Day.” The relationship between Deadpool and Valentine has been a lot of fun, a was watching them on their date. This issue was very clever and used these characters in excellent ways. The use of Lady Deathstrike as a person Wade could bounce romantic ideas off was just inspired. Deadpool has always been up and down for me, but this current series has most definitely been an up.

Grim #10. “Chapter Ten: Life.” Written by Stephanie Phillips and illustrated by Flaviano. Jessica continues with her struggles to become the new Grim Reaper and trying to find and save her friend who had been taken to Hell. Grim is consistently entertaining and has some creative ideas behind it.

Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #5-6. Written by Josh Trujillo and drawn by Adrian Gutierrez. I really enjoyed the conclusion to this mini series. The book took a different way than most comics wrap up and I really appreciated the choice. Jaime took some huge steps forward and seeing the big guns of DC deciding to back the Blue Beetle instead of battle him was an awesome way to go. I’m not sure how I felt about the other Beetles introduced here, but the ending was still fun and something you do not see that much. I also loved the variant cover (cover B) that I picked up. This cover was drawn by Bruno Redondo. This series also made me curious to pick up the next Blue Beetle series in September.

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