EYG Comic Cavalcade #19

May 5, 2023

I have been reading more independent comics right now than I ever have before. Some my friend Todd from Comic World call weird. One of these is White Savior, although to say that I am reading this would be inaccurate.

I purchased White Savior #1-3 on Ebay, but I decided to wait on reading the first three issues until I could get my hands on #4, which would complete the series. So I contacted Todd and asked him to order #4 for me, to which he did.

That was at the beginning of April.

I never gave it another thought until I happened to look at the ‘to read’ pile and found White Savior #1-3 and I thought, ‘hey, what happened to #4?’ I investigated and it was released the week before. I inquired again and a second order was placed.

Guess what happened this time.

I asked again, this time in person, and the book had arrived, but still did not find its way into my box. Drew, who had seen it on my list, had his copy… yet mine was nowhere to be seen. I believe that it might just be in my box right now (I’ve seen a photo, but I’ll believe it when I am holding it in may hands).

Perhaps it is finally going to be time to read.

Meanwhile, here are some of the other weird books I have read…

The Great British Bump Off #1. Written by John Allison and drawn by Max Sarin. Who among the new bakers poisoned the unlikable Neal? Shauna believes that she will be able to solve this mystery before anything worse happens. This was funny and I am interested in seeing where their weird Dark Horse comic goes.

Star Signs #1. Written by Saladin Ahmed with art by Megan Levens. The stars of the Zodiac were destroyed. And strangely enough, Rana Fawaaz has gained a power to freeze time. How does that all relate? Who knows. This was an interesting start and I did like the art (although some of the character’s heads seemed too large).

Scarlet Witch #5. Written by Steve Orlando and with art by Russell Dauterman. Wanda and Scythia battle over Darcy Lewis. And Wanda gets to show off just how powerful she can be. And that last page…whoa!

Moon Knight #23. “Panic Room.” Written by Jed MacKay and drawn by Alessandro Cappuccio. The cover art is from Stephen Segovia & Rachelle Rosenberg. The new Venom, Dylan Brock, comes to the Midnight Mission looking for help from Moon Knight. I love this Moon Knight series and I did enjoy the inclusion of Dylan Brock, even though I do not read the Venom books.

Spider-Man #8. “Maxed Out: Part One-Clear and Present Danger.” Spidey is frustrated by an inability to save everyone in a fire and it it weighing heavily on his mind. So he approached Norman Osborn to help him adjust his Spider-Sense so it did not just reveal danger that he is in, but also danger to everyone around him. And Electro was here too.

Love Everlasting #7. “Too Hip for Love.” Written by Tom King and illustrated by Elsa Charretier. Joan Peterson is married, a mother and she is losing her grip. She doesn’t understand why things are happening the way they are and she winds up in a hospital.

Groot #1. Written by Dan Abnett and drawn by Damian Couceiro. Lee Garbett was the cover artist. I have always liked Groot, but this book just did not do anything for me. It included a story with Mar-vell and I was not invested in it at all. It was also one of the books set at a different time in the past. I won’t be picking the rest of this up.

Hairball #2. Written by Matt Kindi and drawn by Tyler Jenkins. Matt Kindi also did the cover art. Things are getting worse for everyone. The black cat, Bestie, is finally appearing to Anna to be a danger. Anna talking to her therapist about this cat and how she actually tried to drown the cat, only to see it come back to life. This is an easy read and full of weirdness.

Carnage Reigns Alpha #1. Written by Alex Paknadel and Cody Ziglar featuring art by Julius Ohta. Carnage battling against Miles Morales for one of the first times. Scorpion was here too as the young Spider-Man was taking quite the beating.

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