The Muppets Mayhem Season 1


I was not anticipating the new Muppet series on Disney +. Fact was that a series with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem as the lead characters that did not include Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie or other classic Muppet characters did not appeal to me as much.

I am so glad that I watched this series, because I thought this was just epic.

The Muppet Mayhem was ten-episodes on Disney +, all dropping at once and I have spent the last few days watching a few of the episodes, completing it tonight. Through the 10 episodes, we got such amazing character development from this underutilized crew of Muppets, some great music, human characters that I cared about and some truly laugh out loud moments.

Although Animal typically is the standout of the Electric Mayhem, this series gave us an origin of Dr. Teeth, a ton more about Floyd Pepper and Janice, a cool photo gimmick for Zoot, and more about Lips, the trumpet player, than we ever knew before.

And as with any Muppet project, celebrities were lining up to cameo. Some of the best cameos included “Weird Al” Yankovic (in probably my favorite episode of the season), Kevin Smith, Morgan Freeman (attempting to get the role of ‘Zoot’ in the documentary of the band- inspired!), Paula Abdul, Rachel Bloom, Chris Stapleton, Tommy Lee, Billy Corgan, Cheech and Chong, Ziggy Marley, Ke$ha, Susana Hoffs, Peter Jackson, Charlamagne Tha God, Kristen Schaal, Ryan Seacrest, Danny Trejo, Zedd, and Ben Schwartz (to name a few).

I loved the episode that the Electric Mayhem was struck with writer’s block and they had to go into the desert to be inspired by sitting under the stars (as Floyd spoke to a Lion King inspired Weird Al), the episode that was a parody of the documentary Get Back (of the Beatles) that included director Kevin Smith, the amazing problems with the Mayhem becoming addicted to their new phones, and the reunion of the band after the nicest break up of all time.

I also fell in love with the new Muppet character, Penny Waxman, the record executive who was a one time and once again flame of Dr. Teeth. I found the design of that new character to be just amazing.

This series was so much fun that it just convinces me all the more that Disney + needs to do more with the Muppets IP. They have such an untapped potential that you could take a group of secondary Muppets and make them relevant and such a hoot.

Can you picture that?

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