EYG Comic Cavalcade #26

May 21, 2023

New banner! I really loved the last one, but it felt like it was time. And I am happy with how it turned out, especially the Man-Goat and Bunnyman pics.

Finishing up this week’s new comics and another series that I have been reading along the way.

The Silver Coin #11-15. I finished up this series with the final five issues. The writers were all different but Michael Walsh provided the art in all of the books. My personal favorite of these five was the one done by James Tynion IV, which was issue #11. The Silver Coin has been up and down during my readings. Some issues were really compelling and others were okay at best. It turned out to be a pretty solid anthology series.

Guardians of the Galaxy #2. “A Fistful of Mysterium.” Written by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing with art by Kev Walker. Marco Checchetto did the cover art featuring a kick ass pose by Gamora. This series definitely seems to be trying to move the Guardians team closer to the MCU versions. You can see differences in Nebula and Mantis. Still with that new Western feel to it as well.

The Vigil #1. “Jig in a Storm.” Written by Ram V and art by Lalit Kumar Sharma. Sumit Kumar did the cover art. I grabbed the DC comic off the stands last week because it was a number one and that the cover was intriguing. I had no idea what this book was going to be about, but it is in the Dawn of DC event. These new characters are interesting with some new and creative abilities. Am I going to continue with it? Not sure yet. I may have to pick up #2 to see.

X-Men #22. “Bring on the Bad Guys.” Written by Gerry Duggan and featuring art by Joshua Cassara. The villains have found themselves some old Wolverine skeletons that they have fused together with their Sentinels. Fairly bad ass for sure, but this was a big issue for Spidey’s Amazing Friend, Firestar. M.O.D.O.K is here too. Didn’t expect that.

House of Slaughter #15. “The Butcher’s Return Part Five.” Written by Tate Brombal with art by Antonio Fuso. Cover art provided by Mateus Manhanini and Werther Dell’edera. Jacey faces off in an attempt to get Sunny back. Unfortunately, things do not go how he wanted them to go. Very brutal issue of House of Slaughter. I have not been a huge fan of this storyline so far. It has been putting Jacey through the wringer though.

The Seasons Have Teeth #2. “Summer.” Written by Dan Watters and illustrated by Sebastian Cabrol. Cover art from Qistina Khalidah. Second issue of Boom! Studio’s new book, The Seasons Have Teeth is a good read. Andrew is on the trail of the next photograph of the next season, after having accomplished a pic of Spring. This issue picked things up in my eyes, improving upon the first issue.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #6. “Carnage Reigns.” Written by Cody Ziglar and featuring art from Federico Vicentini. Dike Ruan & Alejandro Sanchez did the cover. Miles and Scorpion are in the wreckage of a building, trying to get their way out. Miles wants to keep saving people while Scorpion is worried that some of them would be Cassidy clones. This is a crossover with some books I do not read.

Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider #1. “Blood and Vengeance .” Written by Howard Mackie and art by Daniel Picciotto. Ben Harvey did the cover art. This was another Marvel story that takes place in the past. This being sometime during the young time of his Ghost Rider time. Not sure I was that into this book.

Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #4. Written by Danny Lore and drawn by Karen S. Darboe. Brielle’s story kept rolling here and we get more with Blade. They look for Brielle’s mother and a clone of Deacon Frost is ready to cause more trouble.

Indigo Children #2. “Chapter Two: The Architecture of Reality.” We meet Fred, another of the mysterious Indigo Children with his powers to construct physical barriers or blocks. This has been great so far and is starting to build some really tense storylines.

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