Old Man Geek’s Week in Review



Week Ending 7/1/16

Hurumph…errr…um… I am Old Man Geek and this is my section on this newfangled Interweb thingy… I don’t see it catchin’ on.

You whippersnappers think that Geek culture belongs to you?  Well, I’ve been a geek back when it wasn’t …as the kids say…cool…to be a geek and it is finally MY TIME!

I will be talkin’ about the world of geek culture from the week that was.  As Walter Cronkite would say, “That was what it was.”  I miss Mr. Cronkite.  They don’t make ’em like that any more.  Now a days all you get is 24 hours of “opinionists.”  Where are the real journalists and newsmen?  Why, in my day, I…… what?  Oh, err…sorry.

Those in charge are telling me that there may be SPOILED MILK in this report.  I’m not sure what they mean, but never drink that stuff.  It’s bad for the digestion. Huh?  Spoilers?  What in tarnation are spoilers?

This week, the new movie Independence Day: Resurgence debuted at the theater.  Why it didn’t debut this week is beyond me.  I mean…isn’t this coming Monday the actual Independence Day?  Y’know, the Fourth of July?  Why not take advantage of that?  Apparently, most people agreed with me because the film fell flat.  I heard that lots of critics were throwing rotten tomatoes at the movie and only 32% of them hit it.

They had a finale of the Game of Thrones show this past Sunday.  Now, it is no Matlock, but I find the show fairly engrossing.  I’m just not sure how that Jon Snow fella is the King of the north.  Didn’t he die?

Warner Brothers released the Ultimate Edition Batman v. Superman film this week, a whopping 3 hours worth of movie.  This new version does make the film make more sense and feel less choppy.  Did you know that my mother’s name was also Martha?  She was a wonderful woman.  Looked like Jabba the Hut from that third Star wars movie.  No, not that Episode Three!  The third one in chronological order.  You know, the way we used to get our movies.  None of this prequel, sequel, reboot stuff.  We went to the theater to watch a movie and we liked it.

Where was I?

Apparently Captain America is not as much of a Hydra agent as we thought.  Guess I shouldn’t have burned my Captain America collection.

I went to the Ellen DeGeneres movie about the fish this week.  I love Ellen.  I watch her before judge Judy every day.  The fish didn’t do enough dancing.

I went to see the reunion of some show with a bunch of initials this week.  MST3K is what it was called, but all they did was show old shorts and make fun of them.  I did laugh at most of the jokes.  I really enjoyed the “Shake Hands with Danger” section.  That tune was stuck in my head for days.  Then they “riffed” on George Reeves’ Superman who was pushing stamps.  I got a bunch of those in a box around here somewhere.

More initials this weekend as The BFG starts in the theaters.  Makes me think of KFC.  I would love some chicken.

In fact, I think it is time for my dinner.  I’ll be back later.

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