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American Gothic


I found a new show on my favorite network-CBS- they have such age appropriate shows.  It was called American Gothic.  I remembered it from years ago.  There was a little kid whose father was the sheriff but also some kind of devil thing.  The little kid had a funny accent… It was great.

So I was very excited to watch the return of the show.  Little did I know this was goin’ be a whole different ballgame.

Really, it was more of a soap opera than a sequel to the old show.

Now, there was a story of a serial killer… someone called The Silver Bells Killer… who had killed several people years before, but stopped mysteriously.  Then our new characters found some silver bells in the garage.  What?

Then we started meeting these brats.  There was one who was a druggie.  There was a politician.  Not one like Trump.  More like Hillary.  She was trying to get elected.  I think it was in Boston.  They had funny accents.  Not like the kid from the original American Gothic.  A different accent.  I wonder if Trump would have something to say about that?

Most annoyingly, there was a little kid here too, but this kid is talking and drawing pictures about death.  He was really weird.

There was a suspicious son from this family, not the druggie or the politician… who had been gone for 14 years.  Of course, that was when the Silver Belles Killer stopped.  So, of course, it is not him.  He is just the red salmon to confuse the audience.  I ain’t fallin’ fer it.

Then at the end of the first episode… Oh yeah…SPOILERS… the head of the family who we thought was this serial killer had a heart attack and the wife withheld his oxygen and he died.

There were a lot of things that made the old guy and his oldest son look like they had some kind of secret. but the wife/mother is certainly a killer.

This is not quite my speed.  I miss Diagnosis Murder.  Dick Van Dyke was fantastic.  American Gothic is one of those short run shows so I might try and stick with it.  If nothing else, I could always nap through it.

The first American Gothic

New American Gothic

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