Wrecked is Really LOST

Okay, it is well known that I absolutely loved the ABC’s Lost.  It is my favorite television program ever on air and when it ended, I found a hole in my heart which LOST once occupied.

I was at Cinemark waiting for a movie when, on the pre-show, they advertised a new show on TBS.  It was called Wrecked and it was clearly a spoof of LOST.  An airplane crashed on a deserted island and a group of survivors struggled to live.  However, the preview made this look like a comedy in the vein of Police Squad! or Airplane.

I was not opposed to this idea, being a fan of parody (in particular Weird Al) so I wanted to give this show a chance.

I have now watched four episodes of Wrecked and I have to say that this is really a stupid show.  The story lines have dealt with such things as one character not being able to poop in the jungle, as well as exact concepts from Lost, such as an unopenable suitcase, a satellite phone, food being washed out by the wave and taken by another castaway.

Many of the characters are meant to be replicas of the characters on LOST, including the good looking, studly Brit who died in episode one (much like Jack Shepherd was supposed to do).

This is not a show that is flattering to LOST.  It is so stupid that it is hard to watch at times.  None of the characters are enjoyable.  They are unlikable and not in the awesome way the LOST characters were.

This one might be off the watch list now.

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