Jason Bourne


I did not see the original Jason Bourne movies.  I saw the Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner and it was okay.  So I did not have any real feelings about Matt Damon returning to this role.  I was coming in to this as a newbie.

Honestly, I didn’t hate it, but I was not a fan either.

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) comes back after going underground to find answers about the death of his father and how he was recruited into the government program.  CIA Agent Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander) was part of the investigation, led by CIA Director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones).  Dewey sent the unnamed Asset (Vincent Cassel) after Bourne.  Action happens.

The action was fine, but there was nothing exceptional about the action and I was so tired of the shaky cam shots that permeated the movie.  Now, I hear that the earlier Bourne movies had employed this technique and maybe for some it wouldn’t have felt like a Bourne movie without it, but I feel like that is a cop-out.  I couldn’t tell what was happening a lot of the time.  How am I supposed to enjoy action if I cannot tell what is happening?  This shaky cam stuff is just not fun to watch.

Matt Damon does a good job in the role.  It is clear that he feels comfortable as Jason Bourne and his performance is one of the stronger aspects of the film.  I also enjoyed the performance of Vikander.  She is a star.  My favorite character in the film is Tommy Lee Jones’s CIA Director Robert Dewey, who plays Tommy Lee Jones.  Jones is always fun to watch.

The story had no surprises and the “twists” in the film were painfully obvious.  I found several sections of the Jason Bourne movie kind of dull.

They even had a different angle of the great shot from the trailer of Bourne knocking the fighter out with one punch.  The shot that was actually in the film was so much less impressive than what was in the trailer.  I don’t understand why someone didn’t use the original shot from the trailer cause it was so much better.

I am not a fan of the Bourne movies, but I didn’t have to be to watch this movie.  I just think the film could have been so much better than what it was.

2.8 stars



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