Suicide Squad

Here we go.

I did not hate Batman v. Superman on first viewing, but it was one of those movies that, as I thought back, got worse and worse.  Man of Steel was the same way.  I gave it an overall positive review, but the more I thought about what I had seen, the less I liked it.

I am a huge fan of Marvel.  I always have been.  I will not apologize for that.  I do like the DC characters, and I really was hoping that Suicide Squad would be that film that broke the DC Extended Cinematic Universe’s streak of weaker films.

Then I started hearing about some of the reviews.  At this minute, Suicide Squad is at 29% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Chris Stuckmann gave it a C.  The Schmoes neither had it at fresh.  Suddenly, I was frightened.

Then I saw the movie and you know what… it was pretty good.  I would go out on a limb and say that, in my opinion, it is definitely the best of the recent DC movie universe films.

Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), determined to provide a defense to the metahuman problem, decides to put together a team of the worst of the worst villains to face anything that might be a greater threat to the nation. She put together villains Deadshot (Will Smith), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje),  Diablo (Jay Hernandez), and Captain Boomerang (Jai Courntey) with soldier Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) and Japanese swords fighter Katana (Karen Fukuhara).

The team of villains were forced together by Waller with the threat of death, after a bomb was implanted into the villains’ heads.  She sent them after the witch Enchantress (Cara Delevingne), who was trying to take over the world by bringing her brother into the world and creating some weapon.

Positives:  There are several of these.  Will Smith was outstanding as Deadshot.  Deadshot was the most developed of all of the characters, showing a very wonderful relationship with his daughter.  He was funny and well written.

Margot Robbie was perfect as Harley Quinn.  Her relationship with the Joker (Jared Leto) was displayed beautifully.  These two crazy characters really showed themselves as a perfect pair.  Jared Leto’s Joker was a very interesting take on the character.  I was never a fan of the tattoos or grills at first, but they all seemed to work here.

The Squad itself worked very good together.  The charisma shown by the members of the group were great.  In particular, I liked the relationship that developed between Deadshot and Harley Quinn.  I liked how the movie introduced these characters and brought them to the screen.  There was a lot of music used to introduce many of these villains, and I liked most of that.  They may have over used the music a little, but they picked some really good songs, so that was good.

Viola Davis was unbelievable as the downright cold and vicious Amanda Waller.  She was as bad as any of the villains of the Suicide Squad.  Joel Kinnaman was good as Flag, Jai Courtney was surprisingly solid as Boomerang.  Jay Hernandez was okay as Diablo.

The first hour or so was very entertaining.  There was a nice tone for Suicide Squad.  It was still the darker tone much like previous DC movies, but it was able to sprinkle in more humor and fun to the film, something that was dramatically missing from Batman v. Superman.  This film showed that you did not have to constantly making jokes or being light-hearted to make an entertaining film.  It was also not constantly grim and depressing as the other DC movies.

Negatives:  For those who gave this movie a negative review, I can understand why, because it is anything but a perfect movie.  There are several problems with it.

There was just not enough Joker.  Despite being featured heavily in the promotional materials, Jared Leto’s Joker does not appear very often.  This would have been a much better movie had the Joker played a bigger role.

The villain of The Enchantress was horrible.  Her “brother” was worse.  These were probably two of the absolutely worst villains in any comic book movie.  There was no motivation for the characters outside of being evil.  Then, the look of these characters was horrendous.  The Enchantress did all kind of weird movements (like she was constantly doing the hula) and her brother made me think about the Green Lantern movie.  Plus, the expendable monsters they created as canon fodder for the Suicide Squad to kill looked ridiculous.

As good as the start of this movie was, the third act battle was just as bad.  Honestly, this third act really threatened to pull the entire film off the track (and I am sure many of the negative reviews out there were negative because of the last battle scene).  The story leading up to this was a mess, but at least the characters were entertaining and we had solid character moments.  The last fight was very much laughable in many ways.  These great characters that we had been introduced to deserved a better conclusion to their movie.

Killer Croc, especially, but also, to a lesser extend Boomerang and Katana, didn’t have much to do.  They were here to fill out the team and that was about it.  Killer Croc was basically there to grunt or to do something with his strength.

I can see how the finale could ruin this movie for some people, but it did not mess it up for me. I was able to enjoy most of this movie despite the weak ending.  I found myself leaving the theater happy that I saw it.  The miscredits scene was really great and a much better way to introduce some information than we saw in BvS.  Deadshot and Harley Quinn stole the show and I really wanted more Joker.

3.5 stars


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