Bridget Jones’s Baby

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This one was way better than I ever thought it was going to be.  I got so tired of seeing the trailers for this film that I was dreading seeing it.  And yet, I found myself enjoying the humor and the characters involved.

Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger) finds herself in a typical situation… alone and depressed.  Bridget Jones meets a stranger and winds up sleeping with him.  Jack (Patrick Dempsey) gets left the next morning.  Then, Bridget runs into old flame Mark (Colin Firth) at a Christening and winds up sleeping with him as well.  When Bridget winds up pregnant, she is not sure who the father is.

Sure it sounds kind of soapy, but the talented actors in this film make it believable.  Plus, there is a ton of comedic situations to play upon.  Some of the best comedic moments came from Bridget Jones’s doctor, Dr. Rawlings (played to a dry British perfection by Emma Thompson).  Thompson was a riot in every scene and really gave voice to the ridiculousness of the situation.

I do think that the film had its favorite to be the baby daddy and let it show through too much.  Because of that, they made one of the men display some negative characteristics meant to manipulate the audience to cheer for their choice.  I did not like that as it felt forced upon me.

Having never seen any previous Bridget Jones movie, this one surprised me with how much heart it actually had.  Sure there was a great cast involved, but there are plenty of movies that can say that and still fail to entertain… especially a sequel to a comedy from years before.  Bridget Jones felt like a real person, who has to deal with an unexpected pregnancy, a pair of dueling daddies-to-be, a challenging new boss at work, and judgment from her mother.  Some worked better than others and it did seem to be formulaic at times, but the laughter was always consistent.

Unexpectedly, Bridget Jones’s Baby was fun and full of laughter for a big chunk of the film.  Who knew?

3.85 stars

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