The latest animated comedy from Warner Animation, Storks, came out this weekend and I found it pretty underwhelming.

Storks no longer deliver babies.  After years of bringing the little packages of joy to perspective parents, one tragic event caused the  failure of delivery of a baby.  That baby was Tulip (Katie Crown), who now works at which is what the Stork delivery has morphed into.  However, she is clumsy and sloppy.

Junior (Adam Samberg) is one of the most successful storks at the company and he has a desire to be the boss.  In fact, he is in line to be the boss when current boss Hunter (Kelsey Grammar) moves up in the company.  The only thing Junior has to do…fire Tulip.

Meanwhile, lonely young boy Nate (Anton Starkman), whose parents (Jennifer Aniston and Ty Burrell) are constantly working,  sees how cool it could be to have a little brother, and he decides to “order” a brother (with mad, ninja skills) from the storks.

Nate’s letter finds its way into Tulip’s hands and, through an accident, she ends up activating the baby-making machine.  Horrified, Junior and Tulip take off to deliver the baby before Hunter can discover what happened.

The plot is cute, and there are some really funny moments (in particular with the wolfpack- led by voices of Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele), and I really liked the subplot of Nate’s family and their efforts to reconnect.  However, that was about as far as I went with Storks.

I really did not like the character of Junior or Tulip and I found their constant banter/arguing to be old really quickly.  I really enjoyed Andy Samberg in Popstar earlier this year, but I thought his work here was a definite step down.  Especially with the great voice work from Grammar and Key and Peele.

I mean… Key and Peele as the Alpha and Beta Wolves from the wolfpack were by far the best and most entertaining part of Storks.  It was not even close.

The rest of the jokes fell flat for me.  I did not like any of the other characters and I really did not like the main characters either.  The baby was cute.

I really found myself hoping this film would finish less than a half hour into it, which is not a good sign.  I was bored with much of the film and I did not really enjoy many of the characters.  Some of the best stuff felt disjointed from the plot or the narrative that it was strange.  I did like Nate and his story line making it ironic that my favorite characters in a movie called Storks are the human boy and two wolves.

2.2 stars

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