National Comic Book Day

Today, on National Comic Book Day, I finally got around to reading Marvel Comics’ Mockingbird #7.

Image result for mockingbird #7 marvel

And I just loved it.

I had wanted to buy the Mockingbird series, but I missed number one at my comic shop and several issues had come out when I finally saw the fourth issue.  I grabbed it and snagged the previous three issues.

And they were so brilliant.

Each issue since has been better and better.  The comic is the most intriguing, original and fun series that I have read in years.

The story told in Bobbi Morse’s POV and it is so wonderful.  There are great comedic bits throughout the whole series and the imagery is perfect.

In Mockingbird #7, Bobbi and Hunter are on board a ship entering the Bermuda Triangle, hoping to find some information that would help Clint Barton in his murder trial (the Civil War II tie-in).  They wind up investigating a murder and discovering that the whole thing was connected to her background.

Chelsea Cain is the writer on the Mockingbird series.  She is a first time comic book writer but she has been a successful novelist for several years having written Sweetheart, Heartsick, and Evil at Heart.  She has brought a freshness to the comic that I have not seen much.  Her creativity is off-the-chart.  The first five issues is written in a “puzzle box” format, where you are able to read the issues in any order and get something new out of it.

The title page is another amazing new feature, using health reports, memos and other items to provide a lot of laughs.

Mockingbird has been my favorite Marvel Comic since I started reading it.  I have enjoyed many of the unlikely Marvel Comics (Moon Knight, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Ms. Marvel, Hellcat) but Mockingbird is at the top of that list.


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