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One could wonder how true of a true story this is.

There is so much slapstick and ridiculousness in this film that, if this were real, this could be the most bizarre story ever told.  However, the movie really was not good.

Masterminds is the story of a security guard at an armored car company in the south who was manipulated into committing the largest bank robbery in the US ever.  17 million dollars was stolen by David Ghantt (Zach Galifianakis), encouraged by his former co-worker and huge crush Kelly (Kristen Wiig) and her friend Steve (Owen Wilson).

David is shown as a typical Galifianakis character.  Stupid, but kind of lovable.  David and Kelly had a kind of nice relationship, but I found it difficult to believe that Kelly had any feelings toward David.  I guess since it was a true story, I have to accept it, but I did not see how there would be any connection.

There are so many dumb things going on that it really makes this a cartoon.  And that would not be a bad thing, if it were funny things, but, unfortunately, the laughs are very few and really far between.  This commits the biggest sin of any comedy…and that is it is just not funny.  There may be a couple of funny moments, but most of those had already been seen in the trailer (ex. the car crashing into the gate).

There is a really strong cast, but none of them could pull this out of the tailspin that it was.

Jason Sudeikis’s character, a hitman hired by Steve, is as horrible of a character as you are going to find.  He is just tremendously poor and unfunny.  Stupid, even.  He falls into a situation similar to the infamous “Martha” incident in Batman v. Superman, but he takes it to an even more stupid conclusion.

Stupid really isn’t funny.  A movie can be stupid, but clever, and that would work ( the original Dumb and Dumber is a good example), but Masterminds falls into that category of films that are stupid but not clever (Dumb and Dumber 2 is an example of this.)

I went into this wanting to like it, and I didn’t despise this film.  I didn’t like it either.

2.3 stars

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