Kevin Hart: What Now?

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If you like Kevin Hart, you’ll love What Now?

I do like Kevin Hart and I found myself laughing throughout the movie, filmed at the Philadelphia venue, Lincoln Financial Field in front of over 50,000 people.

Sure, his stand up comedy is raunchy and filled with politically incorrectness, but there is no denying that the laughs are real.  And even when the jokes themselves are not great winners, Kevin Hart can bring laughs from his delivery, the performance that is as much self-deprecating as it is crude.

I also really enjoyed the opening act of this film, where Kevin Hart showed up to a casino, ala James Bond (including an entertaining Bond-like opening theme song) and played poker in the hours before the concert was to start.  Hart came in with Halle Berry on his arm (though she seemed to not be a fan), and played against the short’s villain, Victor (David Meunier).  Add to this the inclusion of Don Cheadle as himself, a rival of Hart who becomes tired of his act, and the machinations of the bartender (Ed Helms) and this opening was very fun.  I thought this was just the right length, something that some of Kevin Hart’s full length movies had trouble with.

Once Hart arrived on stage, the film picked up even more.  He told stories, many which he claimed were true, about his “lady”, his children, his father, his new house that needed lights on his driveway…among many others.  Kevin Hart’s frenetic style draws out the humor and drives home the laughter.

If you find Kevin Hart annoying or obnoxious, there is nothing in What Now? that is going to change your mind.  But if you are a fan, then you should have an entertaining time with this concert film.

4 stars

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