Best and Worst Trailers of 2016

Trailers are big business these days.  We see trailers released months in advance of the movie.  It has come to the point where we are 10-12 months away from some movie and the fans are wondering why there has not been a trailer released.  In fact, several of the trailers on this list have been trailers for movies from 2017.  It could be about the most recent memory.  Still, this is the list of best and worst trailers released in 2016.


#5.  Spider-man: Homecoming.  This is a personal pick.  This looks as if Marvel/Sony has finally gotten Spider-man right.  And the Vulture looks awesome.

#4.  10 Cloverfield Lane trailer 1 I loved this trailer with John Goodman and the surprise aspect that this was a Cloverfield sequel (albeit a slight one).  Plus, the fact that it came out just a few short months before the film did…amazing.

#3.  Wonder Woman trailer 2.  I was not a huge fan of the first trailer for Wonder Woman coming out of ComicCon, but the second one really came through.  I have high hopes for the Amazon princess.

#2. Guardians of the Galaxy trailer 1.  This is the one with Baby Groot and Rocket and a atomic bomb.  This trailer does a brilliant job of reminding us why we fell in love with these characters in the first place.  And the end with Drax and his laughing…just wonderful.

#1.  Logan.  No comparison.  This is a brilliant trailer.  The use of Hurt by Johnny Cash and the images of a broken and battered Logan and Xavier are artistically perfect.  Plus, we see who is believed to be X-23.  Could watch this on a loop.



#5. Neighbors 2.  I hated this film and I was so tired of seeing this trailer that I was happy when the film finally came out.  Then, most of the best comedic moments were from the trailer.  Just horrid.

#4.  Star Trek Beyond trailer 1.  This one felt wrong.  The song with the Beastie Boys just did not fit (even though it was great in the film itself).  They missed with this trailer (although trailer 2 was much better).  It was just not a Star Trek trailer.

#3.  Deepwater Horizon.  Another trailer that annoyed me to no end, only to have the movie turn out awesome.

#2.  Ghostbusters trailer 1.  This led to just a terrible backlash among online fans.  There was already a problem with the recasting of Ghostbusters, but then they put out this travesty of a trailer that was not funny and seemed to signify everyone’s worst fears.  I actually enjoyed the film, but this trailer did not help it one bit.

#1.  Ouija: Origins of Evil trailer 1.  It has a Herman’s Hermits song on it.  It was ridiculous.  Almost unwatchable.  And then the movie was awesome.  How much money did this trailer cost the film?  All I know is that I hated this trailer more than any trailer I saw this year.

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