If you don’t have great villains, your heroes suffer.  Every year we look at the best of the antagonists from the year past.


BEST of 2016

Image result for mr gold and evil queen#10.  The Evil Queen and Mr. Gold (Once Upon a Time).  These two together have created quite the stir in Storybrooke.  The Evil Queen was forcibly separated from Regina, but was able to stay around.  Mr. Gold (aka the Dark One, aka Rumpelstiltskin) had relationship troubles with Belle.  Together, they are trouble.


Image result for the butcher ahs roanoke#9.  The Butcher/Agnes (American Horror Story: Roanoke).   Kathy Bates played two roles.  She played the supernatural creature known as the Butcher on the “show within a show” My Roanoke Nightmare and she played the actress playing the Butcher on My Roanoke Nightmare.  Agnes found herself sinking deeply into the role, taking the idea of method acting too far.


Image result for gordon rimmer dirk gently#8.  Gordon Rimmer (Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency).  Probably one of my favorite scenes on tv this year happened with Gordon.  He had Dirk and Todd prisoner and they were sure that he would give them answers…only to find out that he didn’t know what was going on either.  Classic!!!


Image result for man in black westworld#7.  The Man in Black (Westworld).  He turned out to be William, but the Man in Black was such a problem all year long.  He was in search of the maze, but he was after more than that.  He was after the challenge.  He got it too.  A great portrayal by Ed Harris.


Image result for cotton mouth marvel luke cage#6.  Cottonmouth (Luke Cage)Cornell Stokes, played brilliantly by Mahershala Ali, was the first antagonist in the Luke Cage Netflix series, and he was perhaps the best one.  There were layers about this character and when he died at his cousin’s hand, the series went in an entirely surprising and different direction.


Image result for zemo civil war bruhl#5.  Zemo (Captain America: Civil War).  Some people complained that this was just another weak MCU villain, but I disagree.  Zemo was great.  He was a manipulator.  He worked in the shadows.  He could not fist fight with the Avengers, so he got them to do it for him.  You understood why he did what he did and you could even relate to him.  Daniel Bruel was great and, even better, this was like Zemo’s origin.  More from him please.


Image result for harley quinn suicide squad#4.  Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad).  One of the best parts of Suicide Squad was the portrayal of Harley Quinn by Margot Robbie.  While some people disliked Jared Leto’s Joker, everyone loved Harley.  She brought a special charm to Suicide Squad and is in line for a movie of her own.


Image result for norman bates bates motel#3.  Norman Bates (Bates Motel).  This has been a slow burn.  We knew that Norman would go psycho one day, but we hoped against it because Freddie Highmore was so damn charming and enjoyable.  Well, he has succumbed to his insanity as he killed Norma in a failed murder-suicide attempt.  His jealousy over Alex and Norma’s wonderful relationship finally pushed Norman to the side of evil.  He had been moving that direction, but now there is no going back.


Image result for jervis tetch gotham#2.  Jervis Tetch (Gotham).  The Mad Hatter has done the impossible.  He made Gotham great again.  Tetch and his craziness has been the driving force behind the new season of Gotham and he has brought that menace and that wickedness that they had been lacking among their other villains.  The writing got better too, but Tetch stood out among them all.


Image result for negan#1.  Negan (The Walking Dead).  We waited all season 6 for him.  We heard that Jeffrey Deam Morgan was cast as Negan and we all couldn’t wait.  And then they dragged it out until the finale.  AT the finale, we see him bludgeon someone to death.  We had to wait for months before we found out it was Abraham.  And then he killed Glenn too.  And he broke Rick by almost having him cut off Carl’s hand.  And he walked around with charisma to spare, being just downright evil.  You hate the guy, but you love him as well.  Negan is the villain of the year.


Worst Villains

Image result for lex luthor bvs#2.  Lex Luthor (Batman vs. Superman).  Jesse Eisenberg was the wrong choice… or perhaps the direction of Eisenberg was wrong…but this was not Lex Luthor.  And that would have even been okay if they had just gone all in.  As it was Eisenberg was playing a better Riddler or Toyman than Lex.  Lex Luthor is too iconic of a villain to do that to.

Image result for the enchantress from suicide squad#1.  The Enchantress (Suicide Squad).  She was just horrible.  I did not hate the Suicide Squad, but this villain is just the worst of the year.  Every one of the weak Marvel villains was much better than the Enchantress.

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