2016 In Memoriam

2016 was a terrible year because we lost a lot of the greats.  From Ali to Prince, from Alan Rickman to Gene Wilder, 2016 brought sadness to many.

We salute these amazing individuals who brought joy and drama to all of our lives.

EYG- In Memoriam



Unfortunately, 2016 is not done.  Two more have since passed.

Image result for zsa zsa gabor

Image result for george michael

Edit 2

Well, Hell.

I had hoped that the heart attack she suffered would not claim her, but unfortunately, Carrie Fisher succumbed after all.  RIP Princess Leia.

Image result for princess leia

Just a few more days of 2016, which has seen way too many people taken before their time.


Edit 3

Okay, this is just getting ridiculous now.

Image result for debbie reynolds

Edit 4

Dammit.  The year is almost over, but it had to claim one more. #2016MustGo

Image result for william Christopher

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