I Am Not A Serial Killer

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In the year of the horror movie, I found another one.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, this film was released limited in August.  It never came anywhere near here.  However, I found it on Netflix and decided to give it a try.

And this is another horror winner for 2016.

Teenager John Wayne Cleaver (Max Records) is seeing a therapist.  The reason?  He has homicidal tendencies.  He shares many of the same traits as other serial killers, yet, he is not one.  Or at least, he seems to be trying to avoid becoming one.  So he has rules.  When he has the feeling that he wants to hurt someone, he makes himself give them a compliment.  John keeps himself in check this way.

Of course, his own family life is out of control.  He works with his mother at the local funeral parlor, while his sisters fight with her.  His father can’t be bothered.  It tends to make a sociopath upset.

With a local murder taking place, John suddenly discovers that his neighbor, the nice old man Mr. Crowley (Christopher Lloyd) is not only the murderer, but that he is more than what he seems.

This is a very creatively original movie that had me sucked into its tale early on.  John is such an interesting protagonist because, being a clinically diagnosed sociopath, his choices and decisions are pulled into question.  He struggles with his own internal strife while also trying to figure out exactly what is going on with Mr. Crowley.

Christopher Lloyd is wonderful here.  He gives a riveting performance as the old man with a dark secret.  The fact that he really loved his wife (Dee Noah) gives this creature humanity.  Everything he has done is for her.  How many times can you relate to the monster involved in a horror movie?  This is certainly one of the times.  Heck, there are moments when you wonder if John is the actual monster here instead of Crowley.

This avoids most of the horror genre tropes and really creates something original.  It is one more horror winner for 2016.

4.4 stars

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