Best and Worst Sci-Fi Movies

Best Sci Fi

We’ve had  better years in the past in science fiction than in 2016.  Still, we have our first official movie award for 2016.  That is the Best and Worst Science Fiction Movie of the Year.



Arrival is a true science fiction film.  It is smart, well-acted, well-written and full of drama.  Amy Adams is magnificent and Jeremy Renner is great as well.  Arrival is the best Sci-Fi movie of the year!

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#2.  10 Cloverfield Lane–  This one was actually close, because this is such a great movie.  John Goodman is exceptional in this surprise sequel.

#3.  Star Trek Beyond.  A great sequel for the Star Trek series.  This is the third strong film in the new world of Star Trek.

#4.  Midnight Special.  It was a bit of a familiar story, but great performances elevated this.

#5.  Nerve.  One of the surprises of the year.  I enjoyed this online game more than I ever thought I might.


Independence Day: Resurgence

How do you follow up one of the classic movies of the 1980s?  With garbage, stupidity and bad, bad writing.  The characters from the original were jokes, there was no sign of Will Smith (I wonder why…) and the new characters were waste of time.  A terrible movie.

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#2.  5th Wave.  One of the YA adaptions that were terrible.  An alien invasion?  Yawn.

#3.  Max Steel.  a movie based on a toy?  I didn’t know that when I saw it.  It was just bad.

#4.  Allegiant.  This film is so bad that they decided to take the conclusion of this series and make it a TV show with new actors.  Hm.

#5. Morgan.  Bio-engineered girl who kills people.  Oh well.

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