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I split the television categories into three separate sections.  They would be Network, Cable and Streaming/HBO/Showtime.  It is amazing that there are so many great TV shows out there now a days that I have to categorize them.  It was just a few years ago (after LOST went off the air) that I thought I had nothing to watch.

First category to cover will be Network TV.  This will include ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and CW shows.

First up:  TV Shows

#10.  Scandal (ABC).  This one has been higher up in past years, but it has been damaged for me.  Ever since the “Olivia Pope was kidnapped” story line, I have found Scandal to be slipping.   I still watch it every week though, so I haven’t given up on this Thursday night staple.

#9.  The Big Bang Theory (CBS).  Another long time show that has seen better days.  I do like the advancement of the three main couples on the show, and it is still a funny show.  Sheldon Cooper has probably changed the most of any main character on a TV show.

#8.  Flash (CW).  The Flash has been up and down for me.  I go through time when I think the show is really great and other times when it feels like the same old stuff.  This year’s midseason finale was very strong though so hopefully the second half of this season will be solid. The Flash has great characters and entertaining actors.  The whole “Flashpoint” part of this show felt rushed and weak.  I have enjoyed the addition of Tom Felton.

#7.  Speechless (ABC).  This one was unexpected.  A comedy about a boy in a wheelchair who has cerebral palsy?   Who thought that would work?  But it is really funny.  They took it to the only reasonable level… making these characters anything but the typical lovable characters we see on TV.  These characters have edges to them.  And Minnie Driver is just fantastic!  Kudos to Micah Fowler as well.  He is really good in this show.

#6.  Agent Carter (ABC).  Sadly, this looks to be the final season of this show.  Agent Carter was a great show with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) as an early age agent and the scene stealing star Jarvis (James D’Arcy).  We also got Madame Masque in this season!  What happened on Agent Carter has also affected the world of Agents of SHIELD.

#5.  The X-Files (FOX).  Mulder and Scully returned for some fun episodes and some serious nostalgia.  The episodes were uneven, but it was great just to see Mulder and Scully back together again.  And the episode “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster,” was classic X-Files fun.

#4.  How to Get Away With Murder (ABC).  This show recovered from a weaker season two to recapture some of the magic from the first amazing season.  It did it on the back of a serious surprise.  SPOILER… Wes was the dead body under the sheet.  Wes?  Who saw that coming?

#3.  Designated Survivor (ABC).  The highest new series on the network list, Designated Survivor brought Kiefer Sutherland back to TV and put him in the White House.  It also threw a ton of behind the scenes Machiavellian tricks and machinations.  Is it kind of hard to believe?  Sure, but it is always exciting.  And the midseason finale?   I can’t wait for this one to come back.

#2.  Agents of SHIELD (ABC).  This one had Ghost Rider!  That’s right…Robbie Reyes was a regular on Agents of SHIELD.  His scenes with Daisy were great and these two had chemistry off the charts (unlike the lack of chemistry Daisy had with Lincoln).  The end of last season had knocked this show down a bit, but it returned strong this year.  Plus, we got a “Slingshot” online mini-series.

Image result for gotham season three mad hatter#1. Gotham (FOX).  Yes, I typed that.  I know… I can’t believe it either.  Season one of Gotham was pretty bad.  Season two got better early, but slipped into the realm of camp during the second half.  I was not thinking much about Gotham.  Then this season started and we were introduced to Jervis Tetch (aka The Mad Hatter) and the season was off to a sprint.  And it just got better each week.  Each story was exciting and must see.  Everything was working.  I just hope it can maintain this pace in the second half of the season.

Best Actor

#5.  Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory)

#4.  David Duchovny (X-Files)

#3.  Grant Gustin (Flash)

#2.  Kiefer Sutherland (Designated Survivor)

#1.  Clark Gregg (Agents of SHIELD)

Image result for clark gregg season four

Best Actress

#5.  Gillian Anderson (X-Files)

#4.  Felicity Huffman (American Crime)

#3. Hayley Atwell (Agent Cooper)

#2.  Minnie Driver (Speechless)

#1.  Viola Davis (How to Get Away With Murder)

Image result for viola davis who is under the sheet

Best Supporting Actress

#5.  Candice Patten (Flash)

#4.  Ming-Na Wen (Agents of SHIELD)

#3.  Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory)

#2.  Bellamy Young (Scandal)

#1.  Chloe Bennet (Agents of SHIELD)

Image result for daisy Johnson

Best Supporting Actor

#5.  Jack Falahee (How to Get Away With Murder)

#4.  James D’Arcy (Agent Carter)

#3.  Robin Lord Taylor (Gotham)

#2.  Gabriel Luna (Agents of SHIELD)

#1.  (TIE) Cory Michael Smith and Benedict Samuel

Image result for cory michael smith riddler season three

Image result for jervis tetch gotham

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